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Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 48

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 48

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Show Notes: Welcome to a brand new amazing yet one year late episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy review Stormwatch #21-30 and Future’s End #0-1, as well as some other Wildstorm appearances in the new DCU 52.

00:00:00  – Joe welcomes everyone to episode #48 and forgets to give his spoiler alerts warning (but really if you haven’t read any of these issues, you didn’t miss anything this past year). Remember, all written reviews on the website are spoiler free and usually get posted within a day of print release (really Joe?).

00:02:12  – Joe continues with a pale amount of Wildstorm related news collected over the past year’s time.

  • We’re back! After a longer hiatus than anticipated but probably a much needed one for the both of us. Stormwatch #21-30 other Wildstorm appearances in the DCU New 52. (SPOILERS WARNING)
  • Divine Right: The Adventures of Max Faraday issues up at comixology.
    Deathblow Deluxe Edition Hardcover just released in March with the softcover coming in Jan. 2015. Collects #1-12 plus story from Darker Image #1. Also Divine Right Hardcover scheduled for Dec. 2014. DC gearing up to use these characters somehow?
  • More Wildstorm Heroclix in the recently released Superman and the Legion of Superheroes set which includes a Daemonite, Helspont, Mr. Majestic and Ladytron. AND The Authority is coming in the next set, DC Heroclix: The Flash on Oct. 15 (my bday, thank you Wiz Kids!). So far only a pic of Midnighter has been released.
  • The podcast is 4 years old!
  • Future’s End News: Well, in five years’ time, Stormwatch is still called Stormwatch, not The Authority and they have a couple of new members. Via – Bleeding Cool
  • The Movement canceled ending with issue #12 in May, featured Wildstorm character Rainmaker.

00:07:18 – Ben starts our final yearly wrap up of Stormwatch run from issues #21-30 mostly written by Jim Starlin with art by Yvel Guichet except for #30 which was written by Sterling Gates with art by Jeremy Roberts. We touch a bit on what Jim Lee had to say in an interview from CBR about the state of the Wildstorm characters and their misses and misses in integrating into the new DCU.

Jim Lee’s comments on state of Wildstorm from CBR- “We like to say we’re finding our way. [Laughs] I think when we started the New 52, we had a bunch of Wildstorm characters in there, and they were really being handled by New York editors. They would often ask me, “Do you like this take? Do you think this is cool?” And my response to them was, “Look, I want your take on the characters. We spent many years doing our take on the West Coast and I’d love to see them through the filter of the New York office. You guys deal with these iconic characters like Superman and Batman. Where do characters like Grifter and some of these other WildC.A.T.S. or former Gen13 members — where do they fit into this mythology, how do they fit in?” Like everything you do creatively, there were some hits and misses. That said, I think we’ve held back on a couple of franchises like “Gen13” and “WildC.A.T.S.” and that’s something I want to be more directly involved with. When the time comes, we’ll put those out and hopefully, Wildstorm fans will be happy.”

00:17:52 – Joe touches on the Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox animated movie which features a great representation of Grifter. Grifter hasn’t been seen on the small screen for almost 15 years!

00:18:20 – Joe covers the Free Comic Book Day Future’s End #0 and the now weekly issues #1 written by Brian Azzarello. Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen with art by Patrick Zircher (did Shadowman for Valiant) and cover by Ryan Sook.

00:29:28 – Ben gives an update on other Wildstorm related sighting and tie-ins from the other DCU 52 issues within the past year. Massive thanks to Titan from Clark’s Bar for helping us keep up with these appearances!!!

  • All-Star Western #17-20 – Stormwatch backup
  • Superman #27 – Helspont cameo at the end
  • Red Hood Outlaws 14, Superman 27, 29 – Various Helspont appearances
  • Movement 2, 3, 4, 8 – Gen 13’s Rainmaker
  • Suicide Squad 23, Birds of Prey 25 – Gen 13’s Lynch appearances
  • Batman/Superman 8, 9, Worlds’ Finest 20, 21, Birds of Prey 24 – Kaizen Gamorra appearances (as Regalus, Kaizen merged with a Team 7 character)

00:33:30 – Ben continues by giving a run-down on the upcoming books and character appearances  in the new DCU relaunch. Remember, all these books are available digitally the same day as the print release at the DC section of www.comixology.com

  • For the week of 5/07 FUTURE’S END #1 –  Grifter appearance
  • For the week of 5/14 FUTURE’S END #2 –  No confirmed appearances
  • For the week of 5/21 FUTURE’S END #3 –  No confirmed appearances
  • For the week of 5/28 FUTURE’S END #4 – Stormwatch appearance

00:35:17 – Joe gives some quick shout out’s starting with Chris Striker’s The Higher Authority’s message boards Clark’s Bar to continue the Wildstorm integration discussions among long time Wildstorm fans at http://theauthority.ws.  Also check out our friends of the show, the Image Addiction podcast as they cover new releases from Image Comics and The Savage FINcast as they cover The Savage Dragon. Both can be found at http://www.comicaddiciton.net. Get twice the Valiant coverage now with our friends of the show from the Only the Valiant podcast at http://www.onlythevaliant.com. We also want to mention our friends over at www.culturalwormhole.com and their Valiant Future podcast where Joe is a now a pimpmacdaddyregular-host. Finally check out our buddy Chris Arrant over at www.comicbookresources.com.

00:38:27 – Joe continues with the contact details as shown below.The opening music is “Universal Domain” by Dreamline which can be found at http://www.musicalley.com.
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We’re back…and so is Grifter!

Futures-End-Cv1Hello everyone!

So it’s been a long time since we’ve been on here talking some Wildstorm.  The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. But it did get us a mention from Chris Arrant over at Comic Book Resources back in November.  I guess it’s true that you only become famous when people think you’re dead.  🙂 But anyway, I digress.

It was a series of things that kept us off the air last year.  Both Ben and I had increasing job responsibilities, I moved to Austin which eventually led to my girlfriend and I deciding to get married (one month ago) and even some technical difficulties that kept me from publishing my monthly Stormwatch review (although with the decline & impending cancellation it was probably a well needed break anyway).

We were planning on doing at least one more podcast to discuss the last few issues of Stormwatch upcoming in April.  But now that we have the announcement of Future’s End with Grifter being featured, we’ll probably end up doing more podcasts.  Now, Future’s End is a weekly book so whether or not I’ll be able to do written reviews again remains to be seen because of the demands of daily life.  But we will at least do podcasts covering any Wildstorm characters appearances (Stormwatch is slated for #4).  Plus you never know where Wildstorm characters will pop up next in the DCU as we’ve had Rainmaker in The Movement and Lynch over in Suicide Squad.

And Wildstorm continues to show up in other places too as we had Grifter in the Justice League: Flash Paradox animated movie last summer and more Wildstorm characters coming in upcoming Heroclix sets as well.


Did I also mention April is the podcast’s 4 year anniversary?  Perfect time for something new.  Stay tuned!

Grifter in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Blu-ray/DVD

Well this was something we thought was near impossible here at Wildstorm Addiction!  When we first heard they were making an animated adaption of this story, we thought the chances of Grifter making it in were slim to none.  Well, thankfully the director is a Grifter fan and he pushed for Grifter to make an appearance.


Flashpoint was the story that brought Wildstorm into the DCU New 52. It featured a mini-series called Lois Lane and the Resistance.  Grifter played a part in the story as he helped Lois fight the Amazons who had taken over Europe.  It’s so cool that we get to see Grifter in animated form again after all these years.  Even if it is a cameo.  Be sure and pick up the movie when it comes out July 30th!


And as a bonus, check out this cool animated gif.

Team 7 #8

team7n8cover“Mission 2.4: The Doom That Came to Kaizen”

Writers: Justin Jordan & Tony Bedard
Pencils: Jesus Merino
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Letters: Carlos M. Mangual
Assistant Editor: Rickey Purdin
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Gary Frank

(No Spoilers)

After much build up since the cancellation announcement, the title has a nice wind down here.  Jordan does his best to answer as many dangling plotlines as he can with the space allotted.  In the end, it’s a decent ending to a title that was cancelled way too prematurely.

team7n8image1Team 7 has been the surprise hit of the cancellations (if that makes any sense).  It seems that once Jordan got past the initial arc, he found more freedom to tell a great and epic story.  Repeatedly it’s been said that if he had been allowed to lead with this story, the title might have survived.  For old Wildstorm fans, this quickly became the book to follow as Jordan jam-packed it with classic Wildstorm characters.  It was nice to see these characters in action again.

team7n8image2The biggest tragedy is probably the fact that one of Wildstorm’s greatest villains, Kaizen Gamorra, will get benched along with all the other Wildstorm characters from this book.  He was always a get villain in the old Wildstorm U and would easily be someone who could take on the Justice League.  The other character who undoubtedly will get benched is Majestic.  The origin they picked for him in the New 52 is really odd but aside from that, he looked like his old self.  So much potential is lost here with these characters.

There’s not too much to say about this issue other than I think Jordan wrapped it up to the best of his abilities.  The ending promises “The end of Team 7 for now…” but I doubt DC will be using this team any time soon unless it’s in flashbacks.  Overall, it was nice to have the team in the DCU while it lasted.  Team 7 was always a finite concept but I just wish Jordan would’ve had more time to tell stories in the New 52’s past.

7 out of 10 (Above Average)