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Rainmaker debuts in the New 52

Last month’s The Movement #2 saw the debut of one of our favorite Gen 13 kids, Rainmaker. It was just a cameo but this month’s #3 sees her in full action. Continue reading

DC Heroclix: Teen Titans-Freefall, Burnout, & Rainmaker

We previously shared the Gen 13 team base stats here but Wiz Kids has provided some individual stats for some of the members. We have stats for Freefall, Burnout, and Rainmaker. Each of their personalities is perfectly captured in their power sets and the sculpts for the figures look great! Continue reading

DC Heroclix: Teen Titans-Terra & Gen 13

A couple of Heroclix releases featured over the last couple of days. We previously announced that as part of the DC Heroclix: Teen Titans set that The Ravagers and Gen 13 would be part of the set. Here are the released stats for both. Continue reading