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Voodoo #6

“Smash & Grab”

Writer: Josh Williamson
Pencils: Sami Basri
Colors: Jessica Kholinne
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert
Editor: Bobbie Chase
Cover: Paul Siqueira

(No Spoilers)

Josh Williamson keeps the roller coaster ride going as he feeds off the shocking revelation at the end of last issue. Not only do we get a great mix of action and intrigue in this issue, but we also get some great crossover information between this title and the Stormwatch and Grifter titles. Williamson is showing that he’s got more up his sleeve where Voodoo’s concerned.

The direction Williamson choose to take was definitely a big surprise. There were many who were concerned about his choice of plot device but I think it’s the shot in the arm this series needed. Ron Marz did a lot of great set-up in the series but I think fans were getting a little restless. Now, it’s a matter of finding out the truth behind this twist and seeing where Williamson will take it from here. I will say that he does some great nods to Marz’s issues.

Sami Basri’s art continues to be great. If I had a nitpick it’s the design of the Black Razor armor Agent Fallon wears. I’m fine with the different colored helms for the Black Razors but I just couldn’t get into the design Basri chose for her. Now like I said, this is a nitpick because I love his art.  His depiction of Voodoo’s confrontation with the Daemonties towards the end is awesome! He also does a great job of giving one character who just recently appeared in Grifter #6 a nice little cameo too. Which brings me to another positive about the Wildstorm-character books in general.

February was toted as the month where Stormwatch, Grifer, Voodoo and even Superman would be running stories centered on the Daemonties. So far I have loved how they’ve set it up. The crossover is not shoved in your face in each issue, rather the events just seem to feed into one another. This was an interesting way to take the books because so far, none of the characters have actually crossed-over. But what happens in each of their books is relevant to the others. I’ve enjoyed this style of storytelling for this crossover.

Ultimately, I think this title has a strong pulse again. If you dropped this book you have got to come back and give it a try. Williamson’s doing a great job of ramping up the action and the mystery here and if he keeps this pace up, things can only get better from here.

8 out of 10 (On its way to greatness!)

Grifter #6

“What Goes Up”

(No Spoilers)

Writer: Nathan Edmondson
Pencils: Scott Clark
Inks: Dave Beaty & Walden Wong
Colors: Andrew Dalhouse
Letters: Wes Abbott
Assistant Editor: Katie Kubert
Editor: Bobbie Chase
Cover: Scott Clark

Edmondson and Clark deliver another action packed issue of Grifter.  There have been a few that have grown weary with all the action, but Edmondson takes the story in a couple of different directions which could have easily been solved with some tried and true storytelling.  This has left the title open and left us wondering where it will go next.

This book is plotted like an action movie.  It’s a combination of Scott Clark’s layouts and the situations Nathan Edmondson puts these characters in.  I get a very James-Bond feel to  the story because he’s taking us to interesting locations having the characters solve the problems presented by doing some pretty crazy things.  If Edmondson hadn’t given Grifter some of the abilities he did, Grifter wouldn’t have lasted long in this book.  The Daemonites have been established as a legitimate threat and we’ve seen how normal humans haven’t fared well against them for very long.

We get to see a little more of Grifter’s love-interest, Gretchen, in this issue.  Because of the situation they find themselves in, we don’t get to know more about her character but I was happy to see she can hold her own against the Daemonites.  I can see why Grifter is attracted to her.  To round out the cast, Grifter gets more support from the mysterious woman Sofia, who seems to be more than prepared to face the Daemonite threat.  There was an obvious path Edmondson could’ve taken the story with these three but I’m glad he chose to throw us for a little loop to keeps things interesting.

I’m still very much enjoying this title but I would’ve been disappointed if Edmondson had taken the easy way out of this story.  I’m glad he chose a different route and it’s makes next month’s issue that much more anticipated.  Because the solicits show us it’s Grifter vs. Midnighter!   I can’t wait!

7 out of 10 (Above Average)

The new DCU Voodoo & Grifter #4’s shows up on the Big Bang Theory!

I was watching this week’s episode (Season 5, episode 15 “The Friendship Contraction”) when I noticed the cover for Voodoo #4 and Grifter #4 sitting on the shelf in the comic book shop. This happens around the 8 minute mark into the show. You can also see Legion Lost and a bunch of the other new DCU titles on the shelves in the background. Voodoo however stood out to me right away because it’s placed up high right next to Sheldon’s head.

Pretty cool right? The Grifter title is just below Voodoo with a bright orange “NEW” shelf sticker. Check out the episode streaming if you want to here: CBS – The Big Bang Theory.

I can’t believe I’m so into these titles that I’d be able to pick up on something so obscure like this. I wonder if this show is shot in a real comic book store because the shelves are obviously being kept up to date.