Monthly Archives: February 2012

Voodoo #6

Josh Williamson keeps the roller coaster ride going as he feeds off the shocking revelation at the end of last issue. Not only do we get a great mix of action and intrigue in this issue, but we also get some great crossover information between title and the Stormwatch and Grifter titles. Williamson is showing that he’s got more up his sleeve where Voodoo’s concerned. Continue reading

New Grifter bust debuts at New York Toy Fair

We finally have a full-color version of the Grifter bust coming in August of this year. It was unveiled at New York Toy Fair. It looks awesome!
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Grifter #6

Edmondson and Clark deliver another action packed issue of Grifter. There have been a few that have grown weary with all the action, but Edmondson takes the story in a couple of different directions which could have easily been solved with some tried and true storytelling. This has left the title open and left us wondering where it will go next. Continue reading

The new DCU Voodoo & Grifter #4’s shows up on the Big Bang Theory!

I was watching this week’s episode (Season 5, episode 15 “The Friendship Contraction”) when I noticed the cover for Voodoo #4 and Grifter #4 sitting on the shelf in the comic book shop. This happens around the 8 minute mark … Continue reading