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Wildstorm Addiction Podcast Episode #44

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 44

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Show Notes: Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy review Stormwatch #17, Ravagers #9and Team 7 #5, as well as some other Wildstorm appearances in the new DCU 52.

00:00:00  – Joe welcomes everyone to episode #44 and gives his spoiler alerts warning. Remember, all written reviews on the website are spoiler free and usually get posted within a day of print release. This our first of hopefully many, “Friends of Wildstorm” episodes where we bring on a lifelong or recently converted fan of the Wildstorm Universe. They hash out the recent news, issues, and give us their reviews right along side of us. There is no better way to start off this inaugural endeavor than by starting it off with thee O.G. Wildstorm fan himself, Chris Striker. Founder of and fansites, as well as the numero uno hangout for Wildstorm fans far and wide, the Clark’s Bar comics forum.

00:02:16  – Joe continues with plenty of Wildstorm related news as it pertains to the current books in the DCU.

  • First up, the original Stormwatch #1 launched 20 years ago in 1993. Happy Anniversary to our favorite protectors of the planet!
  • Jim Starlin revealed his gatefold cover for April’s Stormwatch #19 and it lived up to it’s WTF certified status (which is what all the covers for April were marked as). There is an alternate version of Apollo and Midnighter (whether or not these are the actual Wildstorm versions remains to be seen but their costumes are a dead ringer) and we get the New 52 debut of Hellstrike. We also get a male Engineer and a new century baby called Jenny Soul. Three other new characters are the identified as Storm Control, the Forecaster, and Starlin’s own creation called The Weird. Source via: ComicBookResources
  • And if that’s not enough Stormwatch for you, All-Star Western #20 has another Stormwatch back-up. Be sure to pick up All-Star Western #17 on February 27th to see the first Stormwatch back-up!
  • And now after all of the good news, we’re here to turn it around and continue the crotch kicking that has become the norm as a regular Wildstorm fan…
    • Not one, but TWO titles are being cancelled with Team 7 and Ravagers in May! Talk about WTF!! I guess I jinxed us when I said we were going to be the Stormwatch podcast. BUT the Team 7 #8 solicit released a spoiler when it mentions Majestic as one of the characters that parts ways with the others in this issue. Deathstroke is also being cancelled but issues 18, 19, & 20 will feature the Ravagers. DC Comics Editor-In-Chief Bob Harras: “We have plans. We have Beast Boy in there, we have Terra, you’re going to see them in other titles in upcoming months. Caitlin Fairchild, you’re going to learn things about her — so again, not to sound like a broken record, but these characters will be ongoing. We have interesting things planned for them, and I think some of them will be very surprising.”
    • The Wildstorm Resource Wiki is dead for now.  It was shut down on us with no warning and the creator James has tried to contact Wetpaint with no luck.  Their could be a variety of reasons why they shut us down, we could have been using too much space under the free service, Wetpaint also just got bought out and seems to have been re-branded as a TV-only Wiki.  Whatever the reason, the chances of us recovering the Wiki are slim to none at this point. (GRRRR!!!! We may be able to scrape it by hand from the wayback machine… Let’s go troops we have some work to do! Last snapshot was in July of 2012)

00:08:39 – our guest and friend of the show, Chris Striker, starts it off with the review of Stormwatch #17. Released on 2/06, written by Peter Milligan with art and cover by Will Conrad.

Gen 13 The Unreal World (1996) Ravagers #9

00:17:48 – Ben reviews Ravagers #9. Released on 2/13, written by Michael Alan Nelson with art by Ig Guara and cover by Ken Lashley.

00:30:03 – Joe gives his review of Team 7 #5. Released on 2/13, written by Jesus Merino & Nei Ruffino and Pascal Alixe & Nathan Erying with cover by Gary Frank & Cam Smith. (MAJESTIC destroyed an entire country!?!?! Are we going to get to see him?!?!)

00:48:22 – Ben gives an update on other Wildstorm related sighting and tie-ins from the other DCU 52 issue #17’s that have released this month.

  • 2/06 Young Romance: A New 52 Valentine’s Day Special #1 – Apollo and Midnighter, “Seoul Brothers”

00:49:17 – Ben continues by giving a run-down on the upcoming books and character appearances  in the new DCU relaunch. Remember, all these books are available digitally the same day as the print release at the DC section of

  • For the week of 3/06
    • STORMWATCH #18 The team battles one of their own for their very survival! The relationship of Midnighter and Apollo hits a rough patch when the Amazon-like Zealot joins the team!
  • For the week of 3/13
    • RAVAGERS #10 Someone claiming to be Terra’s brother comes to the team. Unfortunately, Deathstroke the Terminator isn’t far behind him! The Ravagers are having serious trust issues already, so a visit from the world’s deadliest assassin certainly won’t help!
    • TEAM 7 #6 In the tale from the recent past, Team 7 is on a mission to rescue Caitlin Fairchild when a team member dies! And in the present day, Deathstroke hunts down his former Team 7 partners! But why?
    • DEATHSTROKE #18 Finally! Deathstroke vs. The Teen Titans! You want more? You got more, as The Ravagers join the fight!

00:50:01 – Joe gives some quick shout out’s starting with Chris Striker’s The Higher Authority’s message boards Clark’s Bar to continue the Wildstorm integration discussions amongst long time Wildstorm fans at  Also check out our friends of the show, the Image Addiction podcast as they cover new releases from Image Comics and The Savage FINcast as they cover The Savage Dragon. Both can be found at And get twice the Valiant coverage now with our friends of the show from the Only the Valiant podcast at and our friends over at and their Valiant Future podcast. I guest-hosted episode #3 last month and will be on the upcoming episode #4 as well.

00:00:00 – Joe continues with the contact details as shown below. The opening music is “Universal Domain” by Dreamline which can be found at

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Artist Scott Clark passes away

scottYesterday, the comic world suffered a great loss as artist Scott Clark passed away at the age of only 43.  In general, it is already a terrible thing not only for the family, but for those who knew him in the comic community.  But it hits a little closer to home for those of us here at Wildstorm Addiction.

Scott Clark was one of the pioneer artists that came out of Wildstorm during the early 90’s Image Comics boom.  We just mentioned on our recent podcast that March marks the 20th anniversary of the original Stormwtach #1.  This was Clark’s first foray into Wildstorm and he stayed closely tied to the imprint over the years that followed.  I have many fond memories of discussing Clark’s art with my friends.  He definitely had a unique style and I was always happy when I saw it pop up over the years.  Our condolences go out to his family and friends.  You will be missed Scott.


Team 7 #5

t7n5cover“Mission 2.1: The Spartan Way”

Writer: Justin Jordan
Pencils: Jesus Merino & Pascal Alixe
Colors: Nei Ruffino & Nathan Eyring with Hi-Fi
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Assistant Editor: Darren Shan
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Gary Frank

(No Spoilers)

Team 7 has been amazing these last couple of issues. Justin Jordan really hit his stride with the characters and started infusing some interesting things in the New 52’s past. But rather than let the title continue with its newfound momentum, DC decides to announce its cancellation. It’s unbelievable at this point but thankfully Jordan’s greatness out-weighted the bad news for this issue.

t7n5image1Simultaneously this month, Ravagers is being cancelled. Now as much as I didn’t want it to happen, with declining sales and almost a year’s worth of issues, I can understand that Ravagers’ cancellation ( a little). But Team 7? It just launched in Sept.’s Zero Month, just 5 months ago!!! It did have sort of a rocky start but I thought the creative team pulled it together to give us a great conclusion to the first story arc last month. So how DC can decide to cancel this great title so prematurely is beyond me.

I know one complaint people have had with the title is the lack of a consistent artist. I can see how that would annoy some people. It’s one thing to have a regular artist for a few issues and then have a fill-in artist, but so far it’s jumped back and forth between three artists. No offense to the artists who did work on the title so far, but I wish they would’ve brought on a big name artist to compliment Jordan. That probably could’ve saved the book.

t7n5image2Ok, enough of my moaning. Let’s focus on this issue for a bit. I love how it jumps from the present day New 52, to fives years ago. This is a great way to start transitioning the title to present day and hopefully start answering some questions about all these characters. The solicits have let us know that Ladytron and Spartan will be showing up in this book. I love the set up for how Ladytron gets her name and it involves Caitlin Fairchild. I also love the mystery they’ve set up with who and what Spartan really is. There are also some really creepy elements to the story and I was surprised by some of the horror-like aspects.

The solicits have let us know that as far as Wildstorm characters, we’ve got Ladytron, Spartan, and Majeistc showing up in this arc. Jordan voiced his love of the original Team 7 and the Wildstorm Universe in general when he first got the book so it’s no surprise that he has added so many Wildstorm characters in the book. But it seems the curse of Wildstorm continues as they keep getting their books cancelled. If you haven’t read the news about Jim Starlin taking over Stormwatch, I think that book would’ve been on the chopping block too if not for Starlin coming on board. It’s too bad they didn’t make a similar concerted effort to save some of these other cancelled titles.

But much like Ravagers, the current creative team has been cranking out some great stories. Even if this is the end for this title, I know Jordan is going to end with a bang! There was so much potential with this book and I really think DC dropped the ball on this one.

8 out of 10 (On its way to greatness!)

Ravagers #9

Ravagers #9


Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Pencils: Ig Guara
Inks: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Tony Avina
Letters: Dezi Sienty
Assistant Editor: Darren Shan
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Ken Lashley

(No Spoilers)

We’re treated to a quick wrap-up of the events from last issue as the new creative team of Nelson and Guara deliver another solid issue of Ravagers. Unfortunately, this comes on the heels of the announcement that the title will be cancelled soon. So despite being a good issue, it was hard to keep that knowledge from dampening my enjoyment.

r9image1I raved last month about how writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Ig Guara were a breath of fresh air for this series. Well, that fresh air was quickly overpowered by the stink bomb news that Ravagers is ending with issue #12. I seem to recall DC doing something similar with the first round of New 52 titles that were cancelled. How they justify putting a new creative team on a book which is normally done to increase sales and then turn right around and cancel the book is beyond me. DC has been making a lot of questionable decisions across the board lately. But, let’s focus on the goodness of this issue.

Nelson set-up a story that is almost like superhero horror. I hesitate to use the word horror because it’s not the story elements that remind me of a horror movie, but more the setting. It’s a small town with a local sheriff who is trying his best to deal with the terribly unfortunate circumstances that are happening in his once quiet town. I like how when the Ravagers showed up, instead of getting caught up in yet another superhero battle, the sheriff takes command. It’s funny to see everyone’s reaction to this and left it open for some great character interactions.

r9image2Speaking of the characters, last issue Nelson portrayed Rose Wilson as being a little bit softer and even though Warblade addressed it in story, I still questioned it. Here it’s clear that Rose’s personality is softer and it’s the only complaint I had about the book (which to me is minor compared to all the other goodness we got). I can understand some of Rose’s points in the story but I think she wouldn’t been more harsh in how she handled them.

Overall, another good issue from the new creative team. Looks like we’ll only get three more from them until the end. But so far, they’ve proven that they will be really good ones!

7 out of 10 (Above Average)