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DC Heroclix: Teen Titans- Fairchild & Grunge

Wiz Kids has completed the roster for the original Gen 13 kids today by adding the stats for Fairchild and Grunge.  Once again, Wiz Kids has taken great care in not only the sculpts and likenesses of our favorite teen heroes, but also in the design of the their powers which accurately represent them from the comics.

fairchild1Fairchild is up first and much like Freefall, Wiz Kids hilariously decided to give her a special ability to mimic an incident that happened to Fairchild more than once in her adventures.  She has a special ability called, “My Clothes Always Rip & Then Everybody Stares” in which she is allowed to use Shape Change but only with a roll of a 6.  This represents the fact that in the comics Fairchild can increase her size and strength, but it’s normally at the cost of the clothes she’s wearing.  A unique feature to her is that she can be played at either 100 or 75 points.  I’ve been out of the game for a while so this is a new feature I’m not familiar with.  The rest of her powers are present in her dial with Leap/Climb, Super Strength, and a couple of instances of Impervious and Invulnerability to show how tough she is in battle.  Even Fairchild’s intelligence is accounted for by giving her outwit to be able to get past some of her opponents powers.


grunge1And the last, but certainly not least, member of the team is Grunge.  His powers were probably a challenge to accurately represent and even though when the card system was first introduced several years back I didn’t really like it, I can see now that characters like Grunge could not exist in this game without the card system.  They start him off with Phasing/Teleporting and Super Strength but then give him an ability called Molecular Absorption.  This is pretty cool because it allows him to attack an object and mimic gaining its properties by gaining Toughness if it was a light object or Invulnerability if it was a heavy object.  This was a very creative way to display his powers in the game.  They even took his photographic memory into account and gave him Perplex and later on he gets to show is Kung Fu skills with Close Combat Expert.  Again, a superb job with Wiz Kids doing their homework on these characters.


Well, that’ s it for the Gen 13 kids.  You can check out more about them here.  And we’ll be watching for more of The Ravagers hopefully being previewed soon.

DC Heroclix: Teen Titans-Freefall, Burnout, & Rainmaker

We previously shared the Gen 13 team base stats here but Wiz Kids has provided some individual stats for some of the members.  We have stats for Freefall, Burnout, and Rainmaker.  Each of their personalities is perfectly captured in their power sets and the sculpts for the figures look great!

freefall1First up is Freefall.  She starts off with a hilariously unqiue ability called, “I don’t know why, but I love Grunge”.  This allows her at the beginning of her turn to attack any character that did damage to Grunge in the previous turn as a free action.  I love this little detail!  It really shows the designers know these characters.  Freefall’s dial continues on as it accurately represents her powers by utilizing Force Blast, Telekinesis, and Energy Shield/Deflection.  She is a mere 66 points and that is a bargain for what she can do.



burnout1Next we have Burnout.  He doesn’t have any uniquely funny abilities like Freefall did but he does have all his powers accounted for in his dial.  He starts off with Running Shot and Barrier which allow him to move and attack and keep a strong defense when your opponent retaliates.  Even if he chooses to stand still, his Ranged Combat Expert allows him to do more damage.  He does have a dangerous ability called Catch Fire which incorporates Energy Explosion that can hit multiple targets and perfectly simulates Burnout’s ability to turn up the heat when surrounded!  He’s a little more expensive at 76 points but spending those extra points will be well worth it.


rainmaker1Finally, we have Rainmaker.  She has a unique ability called Uninhibited.  This allows her to move past any enemy unhindered which mimics her ability to control the elements including the winds which allow her to fly.  She too has Running Shot and Ranged Combat Expert which simulate her control of thunder and lightning.  She even has Smoke Cloud to simulate a cloud of thick fog.  Of this trio, she’s the most expensive at 80 points but it’s probably because she’s lethal even until the end of her dial where she gets Energy Explosion and can even target up to 3 characters at one point!



You can check out more at Wiz Kids main site here and watch for the last two members of Gen 13 to show up later this week.

DC Heroclix: Teen Titans-Terra & Gen 13

terra1A couple of Heroclix releases featured over the last couple of days.  We previously announced that as part of the DC Heroclix: Teen Titans set that The Ravagers and Gen 13 would be part of the set.  Here are the released stats for both.

Yesterday, Terra was given a feature at the Wiz Kids website.  Terra’s powers are accurately portrayed by using such Heroclix staples as Phasing/Teleport, Force Blast, and Pulse Wave to mimic Terra’s control of the ground beneath her feet.  She also has the ability to use the Earth as her defense by using powers like Energy Shield/ Deflection and Defend.  Check out more of her stats here:


gen13pic1Next up, is the Gen 13 team base.  The team base is a new concept being introduced with this set.  It allows you to use  the assets of each team member on the base instead of having them all in a separate force.   You can have all the members on the base or subtract some if you need a lower point value team.  And having certain members on the base give the team powers like using Fairchild gives Super Strength to mimic her in-comic powers or Rainmaker gives you Energy Explosion to simulate her control of the elements.  This is a still a new concept to and not one I’ve fully grasped yet.  But it seems like an interesting dynamic and one I hope to test out in game play when I get my hand on these figures.



Gen 13 Heroclix are coming!

There is not an official annoucement yet but I figured Wiz Kids wouldn’t go through the trouble of posting this if it wasn’t a sure thing.  Wiz Kids on Facebook told fans recently that if they reached 13,000 likes on their page they would reveal some exclusive content.  Well it did so they did.  They released an image that had a ton of upcoming figures but the one that caught our attention was prototypes for the Gen 13 kids!


Sorry that the pic isn’t the best, but it’s the largest copy Wiz Kids posted.  But Wiz Kids confirmed it’s the Gen 13 group.  After zooming it in for you guys it appears we have the whole team!  From left to right, I see Freefall with Grunge in front of her.  Then Fairchild, Burnout and Rainmaker.  I’d have to assume they’ll be treated just like the WildC.A.T.s Heroclix and they’ll have their classic uniforms.  They’ll obviously be part of a future DC set but I’m hoping that it’ll be something we see in 2013 (hmmm, Gen 13?  2013?  Is it providence? :p )

UPDATE: Found a better pic of the figures: