The new DCU Voodoo & Grifter #4’s shows up on the Big Bang Theory!

I was watching this week’s episode (Season 5, episode 15 “The Friendship Contraction”) when I noticed the cover for Voodoo #4 and Grifter #4 sitting on the shelf in the comic book shop. This happens around the 8 minute mark into the show. You can also see Legion Lost and a bunch of the other new DCU titles on the shelves in the background. Voodoo however stood out to me right away because it’s placed up high right next to Sheldon’s head.

Pretty cool right? The Grifter title is just below Voodoo with a bright orange “NEW” shelf sticker. Check out the episode streaming if you want to here: CBS – The Big Bang Theory.

I can’t believe I’m so into these titles that I’d be able to pick up on something so obscure like this. I wonder if this show is shot in a real comic book store because the shelves are obviously being kept up to date.