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Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 21

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 21

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Show Notes:
Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Joe David Soliz and Ben Murphy bring you Wildstorm reviews and news for the weeks of December 8th and 15th 2010. Reviews including Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #6, Ides of Blood #5 (of 6), and Gen 13 #39!

00:00:35 – Ben welcomes everyone to Episode #21 for the weeks of December 8th and 15th 2010.

00:00:45 – Spoiler alerts warning, but all the written Wildstorm reviews at the site are spoiler free unless otherwise noted. Ben calls out Joe for not giving us ratings on the written reviews he does for the site on the last books of each of the Wildstorm Universe series titles.

00:01:35 – Joe gives a shout out to one of Wildstorm’s most talented recent alumns in Rebekah Isaacs. Both he and I picked up her first issue of Magus #1 from 12 Gauge Comics. We both dug this first issue read which has the premise of “Where were you when the magic came back?” But we were sold on it with Rebekah’s art.

00:02:17 – Joe reviews Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #6 Written by Gail Simone, art by Horacio Domingues and cover by Neil Googe.

00:10:49 – Ben loved Gail’s second run with Welcome to Tranquility. It’s great that we were able to get to see this interesting twist on a superhero city one more time before the Wildstorm imprint/universe ended.

00:12:13 – Ben gripes about how the Batman preview is located at the final page of each Wildstorm title ending this month and it is kind of confusing. The 18 years of Wildstorm fan thank you page is awesome and we appreciate it! This page would have fit much better next to the last page of the story in his opinion.

00:13:30 – Joe has some more unanswered questions about the ending of Tranquility.

00:15:06 – Ben reviews Ides of Blood #5 (of 6) written by Stuart C. Paul, art by Christian Duce and cover by Michael Geiger.

00:30:37 – Joe can’t believe that sales of Ides of Blood are so low because this book rocks! Go freaking pick it up people because it may never get traded!!!

00:36:24 – Joe reviews the final issue of Gen 13 #39 written by Phil Hester, art by Cruddie Toran, and an epic cover by Dustin Nguyen. Joe starts off by reminiscing a little bit about the first issue of the original Gen 13 mini series in 1994.

00:44:18 – Ben wraps up his feelings regarding the final issue of the Gen crew.

00:47:54 – Ben gives you both the print and digital Wildstorm Releases for the weeks of 12/8 and 12/15.

00:49:26 – Joe gives you are contact info which you will find below and says good night.

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Wildcats #30

“Bad Medicine 4 of 4: In Practice” (No Spoilers)

Writer: Adam Beechen
Pencils: Mike S. Miller
Colors: Carlos Badilla
Letters: Wes Abbott
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Jim Chadwick
Cover: Jheremy Raapack & Richard Friend

“It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.”

– R.E.M.

I am completely serious when I say this song came on the radio when I was driving home from the comic shop after picking up this issue. You may not believe it but it is absolutely true. I couldn’t help but smile when it did. But that phrase perfectly describes how I felt about this issue. I think it was a great wrap-up issue not only to Wildcats as a series, but the Wildstorm Universe in general.

It’s hard to imagine it’s been 18 years since the first issue of Wildcats. There have been many restarts and false starts for this book over the years but despite it all, I’ve always enjoyed the book. So I’m happy to say I think they pulled off a great final issue. Adam Beechen has helped tell a truly epic story to end the Wildstorm Universe. Even though the world has already been through Armageddon, that didn’t stop Beechen and company from coming up with more ways to torture the poor Earth. Beechen did an incredible job of bringing characters old and new together for the WSU’s swan song. Knowing that the books were ending made the story that much more dire because you knew anything could happen since future stories didn’t have to be taken into account.

There’s also the fact that it seems Beechen worked closely with The Authority writer Tom Taylor to come up with the ending. The Authority’s final issue flows perfectly into this one as we learn who the Earth’s new Doctor is and we witness their role in the story. There were also several reunions for most of the characters and that was a lot of fun to see. Ultimately, I think the resolution to the story was very unique. The resolution also brought together several stories that have been building up since World’s End so I applaud Beechen for doing his homework and digging up some of those plotlines.

Speaking of plotlines, Beechen did warn that some plotlines would not be resolved because he did not find out about Wildstorm’s closure in time. However, I think he did a great job of addressing these plotlines and the fact they were left unresolved to me is more realistic. It drives home the point that these stories never truly end but there is still a feeling of closure despite the unresolved plotlines. There is also a great series of panels that show us what our favorite characters are doing and Beechen made sure to insert lots of little nods to long-time Wildstorm fans; something he’s done during his entire run.

I cannot end my final Wildcats review without talking about Mike Miller’s art. We got to see his work over in The Authority first and now he gets the honor of illustrating the final issue of Wildcats. He was able to draw some incredible scenes, including several full pages of some very memorable moments. He also did a great job of illustrating what I call the “wrap-up” panels which show our heroes around the world. It’s a shame we won’t get to see more of his art in the WSU but I’m glad we got what we did.

Well, turn out the lights, the party’s over. You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here. The Wildstorm Universe as we know it is no more. As bittersweet as it is I’m just thankful the creators found out in time to give us some closure here with the story. I grew up following this universe so it’ll always carry a special place in my heart. So, raise your glasses and drink one for the good old Wildstorm U! I know this fan with surely miss it.

X-files/30 Days of Night #6

(No Spoilers)

Writer: Steve Niles & Adam Jones
Pencils: Tom Mandrake
Colors: Darlene Royer & Gabe Eltaeb
Letters: Ed Dukeshire
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Andrea Sorrentino

Well, as much as I’ve been enjoying this series, I have to say the ending left me wanting a little bit. Niles and Jones did an incredible job of building up the story to this issue but I felt like we fell into a sprint to resolve everything in this issue when I wish we would’ve had at least two more issues to wrap it all up.

I think what happened is there were a lot of good ideas but not enough time to flesh them all out. I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just say there’s a storyline involving a prophecy that I thought was introduced at the perfect time. It was a great set-up and was the best twist in this story. However, there was a sub-plot with the character of French that I felt distracted from the prophecy plot. French’s story really came into play last issue and I was afraid that they’d wrap it up too quickly and that’s exactly what happened. This short-changed the prophecy story in my opinion which was the better of the two.

Now overall, it’s still a great series. There were still a couple of moments in this issue where I wondered how Mulder and Scully were going to survive against such a dangerous opponent and they had some close calls. But towards the end of the issue it seems that it was all set-up for a sequel. Now, I don’t mind the last page or two setting up a sequel but again, all this set-up really took away from time that could’ve been used on the story. And I really liked this story so I didn’t want to feel short-changed here in the final issue.

Despite its shortcomings here at the end, I still think this is a great read for both X-files and 30 Days of Night fans. I plan to pass these on to a friend who’s an X-files fan and I know he’ll love them! I know the series sold really well and I’m glad it did. Niles and Jones ended up being a great collaborative team and since they made it obvious we can expect a sequel, I anticipate it will be equally as good.

7 out of 10 (Above Average)

Ides of Blood #5

“Chains” (No Spoilers)

Writer: Stuart C. Paul
Artist: Christian Duce
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Editor: Scott Peterson
Cover: Michael Geiger

This is an incredibly dense comic. I’m not talking page-length, I’m talking story-wise. It takes me a while to get through the 22 pages of story but Paul has packed so much into those pages, I feel more than full when I’m done reading. It’s a great feeling!

Things slowed down significantly in this issue but rightfully so. Our characters are on their way to cracking the mystery at the heart of this story and Paul continues to add great twists and turns; even tragic ones. I won’t say who, but let’s just say at least one character doesn’t make out of this issue. It’s so cool when a creator is not afraid to end his creations. It raises the stakes of the story and shows that no one is safe. Plus, Paul does a great job of creating great characters in such a short amount of screen time. It actually sucked when I saw this character die. That’s great story-telling!

If I had any quip about this issue, and it’s very minor, it’s that I feel Christian Duce’s art didn’t seem the same with him coloring it. Don’t misunderstand me, his art is still amazing. It was just a very subtle change with him doing the interior work instead of having Carlos Badilla coloring for him like early on. But his art is still dead on for this story and he illustrates some great shots.

Even though things slowed down a bit, Paul doesn’t leave it like that the entire issue. As we get to the “master-plan” scene at the end of the book, we are treated to great confrontation between all the characters and yet another interesting twist as we find out how the Romans plan to end the vampires once and for all. It was a very interesting concept.

But Paul doesn’t let up even on the last page where we end on a very interesting cliffhanger as well. This one will leave you scratching your head until next issue. Without a doubt, this is the most under-rated title on the stands right now. I so hope this gets traded so more people can experience its awesomeness.

8 out of 10 (On it’s way to greatness!)