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Stormwatch #22

This new incarnation of Stormwatch continues this month but the story is still a bit simplistic. The inclusion of Lobo was already an odd choice and his part in the story takes a predictable turn here. The only saving grace about the issue is the choice Jenny Soul makes at the end which rings of Warren Ellis from original Authority run. Other than that, I’m still worried about this title. Continue reading

Stormwatch #20

After a strong initial showing for the new creative team last month, the title begins to waiver a little too early for my tastes. Although the inclusion of Lobo is interesting, it seems a little odd that Stormwatch has essentially become Star Trek with superheroes.

It seems all the Wildstorm titles met their end in space. Voodoo headed out into space and got cancelled and so did Grifter (sort of). Only Team 7 didn’t resort to space as a new setting for the story but apparently that’s a moot point since that title was cancelled anyway. I’m hoping the Stormwatch title won’t end it’s time in space as well. For some, the classic feel Starlin brings may be a welcome change of pace and something that many feel is sorely missed in modern comics. But honestly, other than a select few classic stories, I’m not a fan of classic comic books. There’s just something very dated about that style of story-telling to me. Continue reading