Stormwatch #20


Writer: Jim Starlin
Pencils: Yvel Guichet & Jonas Trindade
Colors: Richard & Tanya Horie
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Editor: Harvey Richards
Senior Editor: Brian Cunningham
Cover: Jim Starlin

(No Spoilers)

After a strong initial showing for the new creative team last month, the title begins to waiver a little too early for my tastes.  Although the inclusion of Lobo is interesting, it seems a little odd that Stormwatch has essentially become Star Trek with superheroes.

sw20image1It seems all the Wildstorm titles met their end in space.  Voodoo headed out into space and got cancelled and so did Grifter (sort of).  Only Team 7 didn’t resort to space as a new setting for the story but apparently that’s a moot point since that title was cancelled anyway.  I’m hoping the Stormwatch title won’t end it’s time in space as well.  For some, the classic feel Starlin brings may be a welcome change of pace and something that many feel is sorely missed in modern comics.  But honestly, other than a select few classic stories, I’m not a fan of classic comic books.  There’s just something very dated about that style of story-telling to me.

I will say I like this mixture of characters.  It’s good to have Apollo and Midnighter back in their original costumes.  I never knew Lobo’s origin so I’m not sure how much this one deviates from it (if at all).  I also hope that the villains of the story can convince me why Lobo is a good choice for their master plan.  It just seems to me that beings who can alter space and time would not seek out someone like Lobo.

sw20image2I’m really trying to hold back criticism on where this story is going because we’re only two issues into the arc.  But when you have an enjoyable first issue and the second starts slowing things down, it’s hard not to worry.  It just seems that this book has turned into Green Lantern Corps because I feel a lot of the DC space stuff is handled there.  Stormwatch seems to work better when they’re behind the scenes.

I’m hoping the title gets back on track next month because I’d hate to see the last Wildstorm title die.  But we all knew this was DC’s Hail Mary play for the title.  Let’s see if they score a touchdown after all.

6 out of 10 (Slightly above average)