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DC Heroclix: Teen Titans- Warblade

warblade1Sorry that we’ve fallen behind in reporting these but I’ve been in the middle of moving to Austin.  And Wiz Kids has been so generous we’re actually several figures behind so I’ll just focus on the latest release which was The Ravagers version of Warblade.

When Warblade first debuted in the New 52 as a villain we were a little skeptical.  But in the pages of Ravagers he has really shown himself to do well in the role.  In Heroclix, this version is more deadly than his WildC.A.T.s counterpart.  This Warblade seems to have better control of his powers and they represent this by giving him an ability called Shifting Body which allows to him to use both Plasticity and Shape Change.  And with the special You Won’t Get Away attack, even running towards hindering terrain won’t help you.

They also make sure that his ability to form knives and stabbing weapons is well-represented by giving him Blades/Claws/Fangs and Flurry.  In fact, it seems he has something on each click of his dial that will aggravate you whether it be Toughness, Exploit Weakness, or even down to his last click where he gets the always-annoying Regeneration that will give you headaches.  He is more than worth the 151 points you’d spend for him.  You can find more about Warblade here.

warblade2There have been a couple of other previews that can be seen here which are Ravagers related:

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Keep watching for more previews!


Ravagers #8

r8coverwithlogo“Pray that ye may be Healed!”

Writer: Michael Alan Nelson
Art Direction: Ron Frenz
Pencils: Ig Guara
Inks: Norm Rapmund
Colors: Tony Avina
Letters: Dezi Sienty
Assistant Editor: Darren Shan
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Patrick Gleason

(No Spoilers)

The new creative team of writer Michael Alan Nelson and artist Ig Guara come on board with a more personal story than what we’re used to in this title. The focus shifts away from the regular team of Ravagers and focuses on Rose Wilson and Warblade. This allows for some great fleshing-out of these characters. That combined with some solid art by Guara makes for a nice kick-off to this run.

r8image1Anytime a book has a creative change, it can be a little awkward adjusting to the transition. Sometimes the new voice a writer brings can seem a out of place. I was concerned about this at first with the way Nelson was writing Rose. She’s been portrayed as tough-as-nails, no nonsense, take charge kind of girl in her appearances here as well as Teen Titans and Superboy. But in this issue she was portrayed as having a softer side which seemed out of place. But the saving grace for the change was when Warblade notices it in story. I’m glad it was addressed because now it makes me curious as to where Nelson will take Rose with this development.

Nelson also mentioned in interviews that he’s had the most fun writing Warblade. This is very evident in this issue as Warblade gets some great moments of dark humor. Of all the changes the Wildstorm characters introduced into the New 52, Warblade has been one of my favorites. At first I wasn’t sure if I was going to like him as a villain but he seems to have grown on me.

r8image2Guara’s art is a perfect fit for this title. Sorry to say, but I wasn’t too crazy about the Patrick Gleason cover so I hope Guara gets a chance to do some covers in the future. Since this issue focused on the townspeople where the story took place as much as it did on Warblade and Rose, Guara had a chance to really expand his canvas. He even takes the few townspeople who aren’t on page for very long and gives them some real personality. This helps immensely when some of them don’t survive. Even though I haven’t known them but for more than a couple of panels, it actually made me feel bad when they died. That’s great collaboration between the artist and writer.

This was definitely a great start to this creative team’s run. I’m inclined to say it’s new reader friendly, but I think that’ll be more easily determined when the Ravagers actually show up next issue. Regardless, I think it’s a nice change of pace and I look forward to what Nelson and Guara have planned next.

8 out of 10 (On its way to greatness!)


Video Review- Wildcats Heroclix from DC Batman series

Welcome to our second video review!  This is a short video review of the Wildcats Heroclix figures that Joe reported earlier this year.  It’s really cool that we got to finally have some Wildstorm figures for this game and the tradition Wildcats ones no less! Can’t get enough all things Wildstorm in the DCU New 52.  Hope you guys enjoy it! Oh and did I mention that you can watch it in full 1080p?!?!

DC HeroClix: Batman-Warblade

Ok, so we talked about this over the summer but I said I wouldn’t post about it until we started getting some official pictures.  Well, FINALLY we’re starting to get some (the set is coming out in November).  So first up is Warblade.  And like the other Wildcats in the set, its his classic look.  He is listed as a unique which is pretty cool but it will make it a little more challenging to score one in a box.  They really did well to have his stats reflect his different abilities and he has WildC.A.T.s listed on his card which I’m not clear yet if it’s going to be a new team ability.

Go to the main site here for more info on his stats and be sure to check out the figure and his card image below.