Happy Easter from Wildstorm Addiction!

Wildstorm Addiction - Easter 2012

Wildstorm Addiction - Easter 2012I was hanging out with my family last night and we got to dying 20 to 30 dozen eggs with the kids and I thought, why not try to make some Wildstorm themed eggs? Needless to say they were only moderately successful. So here I present to you my Grifter, Midnighter, and Voodoo Easter eggs. I started with Grifter and continued to get more lazy. By the time I got to Voodoo I was over the whole process. But it was fun none-the-less! The kids had a blast and all of our hands were nicely multi-colored. The smell of warm vinegar in the air and an overdose of jelly beans is a fun yearly treat for all. Enjoy and have a very happy Easter everyone, He is Risen!