DC Heroclix: Teen Titans- Fairchild & Leash

Over the past couple of days, we’ve gotten a look at two different Ravagers figures.  We have one of N.O.W.H.E.R.E’s minions known as Leash.  I have to say I was kind of hoping for Warblade but there’s still hope that he’ll come along.  But the really big news is we get the Ravagers version of Fairchild.  That means in this set we now have TWO versions of Fairchild to pick from!

leash1At 96 points, Leash doesn’t have a lot abilities to showcase but the ones he does are more than enough to annoy your opponent.  I’ll have to admit, Leash was not one of my favorite characters so it’s a little hard to get excited about this figure.  I will say I appreciate that they’ve tried to cater his dial to his ability to create Psionic Coils, which appropriately is the name of one of his abilities.  This allows him to use both Teleknesis and Poison to simulate him using his coils to rescue a teammate or poison an enemy.  He also has a trait called Piece of Me.  Much like Coils, it messes up your opponent by affected their health, in this case it gives them a -2.  Check out more about Leash here.


fairchild1Now one figure I am excited about is this new version of Fairchild as part of the Ravagers.  I still prefer her Gen 13 version, but the Ravagers version does come with some differences that change her up a bit in gameplay.  This figure is based on the fact that the New 52 version of Fairchild goes back and forth between her weak self and her strong self.  This is accurately presented in her ability called Scientist or Fighter where she can choose Perplex to throw off her enemies with her intelligence or use Quake and Close Combat Expert to literally throw them around.  They also took into account her double-agent status by giving her Probability Control in order to make her enemies second guess themselves.  And if all that wasn’t enough, she has the Indomitable ability which keeps her from experiencing pushing damage.  Check out more about Fairchild here.


That’s all for now.  We still have several Ravagers to go and maybe even a few more N.O.W.H.E.R.E. agents so stay tuned!