Stormwatch #18

sw18cover“The Scream”

Writer: Peter Milligan
Pencils: Will Conrad
Colors: Guy Major & Allen Passalaqua
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Assistant Editor: Darren Shan
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Ken Lashley

(No Spoilers)

After a tumultuous year and a half since the New 52 started, Stormwatch has survived…but just barely. After many editorial and creative team changes (happening once again next month), Peter Milligan and Will Conrad deliver their final issue and do their best to wrap everything up.

sw2Here it is, the lone survivor of the mass of cancelled Wildtorm-related titles in the New 52. It even outlasted titles that launched later. Stormwatch as a title has struggled to find it’s legs and while Milligan’s run started off really strong, it soon started to lose steam. It wasn’t until we found out this was Milligan’s last issue that certain storylines being wrapped up so quickly started to make sense. This also quickly became the dumping ground for characters who once appeared in other titles. Zealot was a decent addition but now will only have limited time because of the creative team change next month. Then O.M.A.C. appeared at the end of last issue (seen in issue preview so no spoiler) but there is really no reason for him to be here. His inclusion only served for Zealot, Apollo, and Midnighter to have someone to physically fight in their battle against The Engineer.

Speaking of The Engineer, I’m not sure I like what they’ve done with her. Over in Ravagers, they made Warblade a villain and for some reason that didn’t bother me much. But here, I’m sad they chose do to that with The Engineer. The handling of all the characters in general, regardless of the fact they are not their pre-New 52 selves, never really did resonate well.

sw1Now art wise, I can say that Will Conrad was in top form here. Not only did he get to illustrate the entire issue again, I think he may have put more into since he knew it was his last. I’ve enjoyed his art since he came on the book and he’ll be an asset to whatever book he gets assigned next.

Overall, it was a decent ending to the run. The book really did become the Midnighter and Apollo show which is not necessarily a good thing, because it’s supposed to be a team book. Don’t get me wrong, I love the characters, but if you want to focus on them this much, give them their own book. Unfortunately, based on what upcoming writer Jim Starlin has indicated, none of this may matter after next month’s story begins. But I guess we’ll have to wait and see what that entails.

7 out of 10 (Above Average)