Team 7 #6

t7n10cover“Mission 2.2: Birth of a Superman”

Writer: Justin Jordan
Pencils: Pascal Alixe, Cliff Richards, Gui Balbi, & Juan Castro
Colors: Nathan Eyring
Letters: Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor: Rickey Purdin
Editor: Eddie Berganza
Cover: Gary Frank

(No Spoilers)

Wow! I am so bummed this title is ending. Jordan kicked it into high gear last issue and keeps the momentum going here. We do get rotating artists once again but the story kept me so intrigued I didn’t notice it as much (even though there were 4 different artists). He also continues to give some truly oh **** moments that I absolutely love.

t7n10image1Damn you DC for ending this title so early! Jordan is taking these final issues of the series and going for broke! First up, he has a character die that makes no sense because that particular character exists in the current New 52. So I can’t wait for him to explain that one! It’s also a no-brainer that with the title ending, some of the characters I expected to die have started, but then there’s others that are dying and they haven’t shown up in the present New 52. Which means their death may be permanent (well, as permanent as comic deaths can be). It’s this beautiful confusion that makes this issue so great because Jordan has presented so many questions I want answered!

t7n10image2I also love the horror movie feel Jordan went with for this storyline. It’s creepy and also sets up for some gruesome moments for some of the characters. It also has a cool re-imagining of a character who was an old Superman villain (I won’t spoil who it is, but it is very creepy and cool). The characters that are surviving all this are truly earning their bad-ass status.

The ending was a little confusing but I think it was meant to be to get to the shocker of which character makes their New 52 debut at the end! Of all the series that have been cancelled since the New 52 started, this one has kept me excited even with the news of the cancellation. That to me, is great story-telling! Take us out with a bang Mr. Jordan!

9 out of 10 (Excellent!)