Grifter in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox Blu-ray/DVD

Well this was something we thought was near impossible here at Wildstorm Addiction!  When we first heard they were making an animated adaption of this story, we thought the chances of Grifter making it in were slim to none.  Well, thankfully the director is a Grifter fan and he pushed for Grifter to make an appearance.


Flashpoint was the story that brought Wildstorm into the DCU New 52. It featured a mini-series called Lois Lane and the Resistance.  Grifter played a part in the story as he helped Lois fight the Amazons who had taken over Europe.  It’s so cool that we get to see Grifter in animated form again after all these years.  Even if it is a cameo.  Be sure and pick up the movie when it comes out July 30th!


And as a bonus, check out this cool animated gif.


  1. One more reason to check this out. I have always been a Wildstorm fan but not much on DC. The New 52 was one of the reasons I started picking up DC comics. Was thinking of picking this up to see how things went down and considering DC’s track record for canceling everything Wildstorm it’s nice to see a character get a shot on the DVD.

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