We’re back…and so is Grifter!

Futures-End-Cv1Hello everyone!

So it’s been a long time since we’ve been on here talking some Wildstorm.  The rumors of our demise have been greatly exaggerated. But it did get us a mention from Chris Arrant over at Comic Book Resources back in November.  I guess it’s true that you only become famous when people think you’re dead.  🙂 But anyway, I digress.

It was a series of things that kept us off the air last year.  Both Ben and I had increasing job responsibilities, I moved to Austin which eventually led to my girlfriend and I deciding to get married (one month ago) and even some technical difficulties that kept me from publishing my monthly Stormwatch review (although with the decline & impending cancellation it was probably a well needed break anyway).

We were planning on doing at least one more podcast to discuss the last few issues of Stormwatch upcoming in April.  But now that we have the announcement of Future’s End with Grifter being featured, we’ll probably end up doing more podcasts.  Now, Future’s End is a weekly book so whether or not I’ll be able to do written reviews again remains to be seen because of the demands of daily life.  But we will at least do podcasts covering any Wildstorm characters appearances (Stormwatch is slated for #4).  Plus you never know where Wildstorm characters will pop up next in the DCU as we’ve had Rainmaker in The Movement and Lynch over in Suicide Squad.

And Wildstorm continues to show up in other places too as we had Grifter in the Justice League: Flash Paradox animated movie last summer and more Wildstorm characters coming in upcoming Heroclix sets as well.


Did I also mention April is the podcast’s 4 year anniversary?  Perfect time for something new.  Stay tuned!