Grifter #1

Another Wildstorm character makes his debut in the DCU and this time it’s my main man, Grifter! It’s been 14 years since Grifter last had a solo title so for this fan this has been a long time coming.

The first thing to point out here that I think will grab people’s attention is that this Grifter title lends itself more to the feel of titles like Wildcats Vol. 2 and Wildcats: Version 3.0. Those two titles came out during a time when Wildstorm was going for a more real world feel than a superhero feel. Those incarnations of the Wildcats books were also the most well-received amongst comic fans. I can safely say that fans of those two Wildcats titles will really dig this book.

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 23

Welcome to a long awaited brand new episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy talk about the new DCU version of Grifter on an exclusive interview with Nathan Edmonson.
Ben and Joe welcomes everyone to Episode #23. Joe introduces our special guest for the evening, Nathan Edmonson, writer of Grifter.