Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 23

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 23

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Show Notes:
Welcome to a long awaited brand new  episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy talk about the new DCU version of Grifter on an exclusive interview with Nathan Edmondson.

00:01:12 – Ben and Joe welcomes everyone to Episode #23. Joe introduces our special guest for the evening, Nathan Edmondson, writer of Grifter.

00:02:42 – Joe welcomes Nathan and thanks him for being on our show.

00:03:10 – [WA – Joe] The Light (2010 Image Comics) was my first exposure to your work.  How did you get your start in the industry?
00:03:48 – [Nathan] Was working in D.C. when I pitched my first comicbook Olympus (2009 Image), was considering writing first novel or screenplay. Realized I was called to writting and was introduced to some other professionals. Thanks to Christian Ward too.

00:06:28 – [WA – Ben] Who/what are some of your influences as a writer?
00:06:32 – [Nathan] This trouble always gets me into questions! The majority of my influences are in classic literature such as Euclid, Flannery O’Connor, and everything in between. Michael Chriton was probably the biggest influence growing up reading everything that came out. He was my first experience with adult literature at a young age. I didn’t really grow up reading comics. (paraphrased) When DC called and they mentioned Grifter, he was the one Wildstorm character that I knew by name and sight.

00:09:42 – [WA – Joe] What made you decide to take on Grifter?  Is he a favorite character?
00:09:52 – [Nathan] It’s funny because the colleagues I’ve worked with in the past tease me that some day DC or Marvel will be calling me and I won’t even know what they put out, it’s Spiderman right? (paraphrased)

00:14:30 – [WA – Ben] The artist for the book, CAFU, how much collaboration did you have as far as designs and story elements?
00:14:43 – [Nathan] CAFU goes by his initials Carlos Alberto from Spain. One of my primary draws to comics is art and the artists. I’m very selective, I have a sensitive eye. I know what I like and what I don’t. The story doesn’t come to life until the artist is on board. This is CAFU’s dream project, he came to the table with all cylinders firing.

00:19:00 – [Nathan] Semi-spoilers here.

00:20:24 – [WA – Ben] Just a quick follow-up. Interviewing some of the other creators over the past year, have you and CAFU ever met face to face? It’s amazing to see the awesome collaboration between two individual creators worlds apart without ever meeting one another. It’s amazing what can come out from multiple creators with technology today.
00:20:46 – [Nathan] No we haven’t, but Spain is one of my favorite places to travel so hopefully I’ll get to meet him someday soon if not at a comic con in the states.

00:22:46 – [WA – Joe] Ya, it’s amazing what you can do with technology. Even Ben and I have been doing this podcast for over a year and just recently met for the first time. 00:22:55 – [WA – Joe] Over in Stormwatch, Apollo and Midnighter got some very noticeable redesigns.  From what little we’ve seen of Voodoo she doesn’t seem to be redesigned very much and neither does Grifter.  Can you discuss why that is?
00:23:24 – [Nathan] Well Grifter will be redesigned some. The mask is too cool and important to lose. He’s going to be more realistic than he’s been portrayed before. In the early sketches and even the cover, that came out before the story. But it doesn’t necessarily betray the character. The things he’s recognized for: a mask, boots, and maybe a trench coat. But you won’t necessarily see the trench coat very much. It’s as it makes sense, he has to have a reason to wear something.

00:27:12 – [WA – Ben] Other than the Daemonites, Grifter’s never had a direct menace (i.e. no Joker to his Batman).  Is that something that will be established in your run?  If not, is it an idea you’d like to explore in the future?
00:27:30 – [Nathan] The short answer is yes. The thing is Grifter is “The most wanted man in the DCU”. He’s got no where to go! You will see three primary protagonists emerge, but one will come out will a much longer term relationship.

00:30:01 – [WA – Joe] One thing I loved about The Light was you made me care about the characters in such a short period of time.  Grifter it’s always been more about action.  Are we going to get some character moments with Grifter or is it going to be a more action-driven book?
00:30:42 – [Nathan] You are definitely going to get some character moments. The first few issues come out hitting the ground running. It’s going to start out with a lot of action and a lot of intensity, but there is a time and a moment for everything. You are going to see the depth of his personality.

00:32:11 – [WA – Ben] You’ve hinted on this a little bit earlier, but if given free reign of the Wildstorm characters, who else would you love to write about and why?
00:27:44 – [Nathan] Grifter honestly would have been my first choice. I have looked at some other DC characters beyond Wildstorm. And they asked me to pitch some ideas. It’s Wildcats Volume 2 when I was introduced to Grifter really for the first time.

00:37:28 – [WA – Joe] There are some people out there who are very excited about the book, but there are some who are not.  What would you say to them to get them to give this book a try?
00:37:55 – [Nathan] Well I supposed it depends on why they’re not (excited about the book). I am very excited about the book, I don’t know many people won’t be.
00:39:37 – [WA – Ben] I think there is hesitation from DC fans that there are Wildstorm characters at all being integrated into the DCU. Wildstorm characters have been known for killing without much remorse in the past. I don’t feel that this will happen with the integration. I feel the main concern for true Wildstorm fans is that our beloved characters will be toned down with the integration.
00:40:44 – [Nathan] In Grifter there is going to be a good bit of dark and plenty of empty shell casings on the floor. If given the option we will be trying to make it more accessible to a larger audience, but where necessary and with Grifter it’s going to be pretty necessary there will be some rough moments, i.e. killing. “He’s still got his guns and he’s gonna use em.”

00:44:07 – [WA – Ben] We are assuming you guys are going for the long haul on this story.
00:44:22 – [Nathan] Of course, we are not writing five issue arcs. We are writing an on-going story that is going to continue and continue. We will collect trades when it make the most sense. We are looking at the story first.

00:46:07 – [WA – Ben] Just to wrap up with a fun question and to give us an idea of how badass your Grifter is (and to antagonize the DCU fanboys). Grifter vs. The Punisher: Who wins and why?
00:46:22 – [Nathan] I have to be careful about these questions. If I had to answer that….(you’ll just have to listen to know this ending!)

00:46:07 – [WA – Joe] Joe thanks Nathan once again for joining us and Nathan reveals some more secrets about Grifter.

00:49:08 – [WA – Joe] You do get to see camoes of Grifter before the September release in Flashpoint #3 and Lois Lane and the Resistance #2. We are going to change to a monthly podcast instead of bi-weekly going forward. Joe give the contact info below.

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