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Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 16

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 16

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Show Notes:
Welcome to another awesome episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Joe David Soliz and Ben Murphy bring you Wildstorm reviews for the weeks of September 22nd and 29th 2010. Reviews including Garrison #6 (of 6), Wildcats #27, and Wetworks: Mutations (One-shot).

00:00:35 – Ben welcomes everyone to Episode #16 for the weeks of September 22nd and 29th 2010.

00:00:46 – Spoiler alerts warning, but all the written Wildstorm reviews at site are spoiler free unless otherwise noted.

00:00:57 – Ben drops the big Wildstorm news bomb…

  • Wildstorm closes it’s doors: DC ENTERTAINMENT ANNOUNCES BI-COASTAL REALIGNMENT STRATEGY; MULTI-MEDIA AND DIGITAL BUSINESSES RELOCATE TO LOS ANGELES WHILE DC COMICS PUBLISHING TO REMAIN IN NEW YORK CITY and A message from Jim Lee and Dan DiDio, DC Comics Co-Publishers. “After taking the comics scene by storm nearly 20 years ago, the WildStorm Universe titles will end this December. In this soft marketplace, these characters need a break to regroup and redefine what made them once unique and cutting edge. While these will be the final issues published under the WildStorm imprint, it will not be the last we will see of many of these heroes. We, along with Geoff Johns, have a lot of exciting plans for these amazing characters, so stay tuned. Going forward, WildStorm’s licensed titles and kids comics will now be published under the DC banner.”
  • 00:02:31 – Joe and I try our best to refrain from cursing this news.
  • 00:03:25WILDSTORM PRESENTS: PLANETARY – LOST WORLDS #1 is coming in Dec.  It collects the stories from Planetary/The Authority: Ruling the World one-shot and Planetary/JLA: Terra Occulta.
  • 00:03:42 – Trades coming in Jan. include Sparta U.S.A., Fringe: Tales from the Fringe, and the Telara Chronicles.  Gears of War: Book Two HC is coming in Feb.
  • 00:04:14 – Joe has something to say about the interesting choices Wildstorm has made in printing these trades especially when they knew ahead of time that the imprint was going to be dissolved.

00:06:03 – Joe tries to review Garrison #6 but we both get sidetracked with the Jeff Mariotte Gen 13 novels that no one has ever read, but hey you can get them cheap on ebay!

00:08:55 – Joe for real this time reviews Garrison #6 (of 6) written by Jeff Mariotte, with art and cover by Francesco Francavilla.

00:12:09 – Ben gives his take on Garrison #6 and the blockbuster series as a whole.

00:13:26 – Ben catches you up on Wildcats #27 orchestrated by Adam Beechen, with art by Tim Seeley and Andy Smith, along with cover art by Chris Sprouse & Karl Story.

00:23:32 – Joe lays down his thoughts on Wildcats #27 and it’s rush to the end trying not to let the news tarnish this awesome title.

00:30:02 – Joe reviews Wetworks: Mutations written by Kevin Grevioux and Christopher Long, art by Julius Gopez, and cover by Brandon Badeaux. Bare with Joe for almost five minutes here as he gives you a great rundown on Wetworks history from beginning to end from his point of view.

00:44:28– – Ben laments this one-shot, yes we asked for it, but now its just a tease that will never be fulfilled.

00:48:47 – Ben gives you both the print and digital Wildstorm Releases for the weeks of 9/22 through 9/29.

  • For the week of 9/29
  • New digital comic offerings (courtesy of comixology.com) $0.99-$1.99
    • Ex Machina #10 & 11
    • Red #1-3
    • Supernatural: Rising Son #6
    • Supernatural: Beginning’s End #1
    • Gears of War #5 &  6
    • Telara Chronicles #0 FREE
    • Victorian Undead #4 & 5
    • Welcome to Tranquility #4 & 5

00:51:52 – Joe gives you are contact info which you will find below and says good night.

The opening and closing music is “Universal Domain” by Dreamline which can be found at http://www.musicalley.com.

Contact info:
Joe: http://twitter.com/grifter78
Wildstorm Addiction: http://twitter.com/wildstormaddict
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Wetworks: Mutations

Writer: Kevin Grevioux & Christopher Long
Artist: Julius Gopez
Colors: Tony Avina
Letters: Dave Lanphear
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editors: Jim Chadwick & Shannon Eric Denton
Cover: Brandon Badeaux

(No Spoilers)

With the end of the Wildstorm Universe upon us, we get one last hurrah for one of its original teams. Ultimately, I think this was supposed to act as a lead in to a new series, but with the end of the imprint it’s turns out to be a love letter to the fans.

Of all the teams in the WSU, Wetworks was the title I followed the least. I always liked the concept of the team but never really liked the fact that they dealt with the supernatural aspect of the WSU. As time went on, I came to appreciate this fact a little more and based on the title of this one-shot, I was hoping for a major change for the team. Well, in that expectation it did deliver.

Kevin Grevioux & Christopher Long had the difficult task of getting us to understand what the Wetworks team was about and also catch us up on what’s been going on in the WSU in general. They do this by utilizing the summary page at the beginning of the issue like the other WSU titles have been doing. Since I’ve never really followed the team, I tried to come at this issue from a new reader’s perspective. They would definitely be able to tell that there has been a bigger story going on here. But I think there’s enough information here where they could enjoy the one-shot.

First thing I noticed is Julius Gopez’s art. I believe he’s a newcomer and I think his style was appropriate for this title. He drew some great battle scenes and his art is very detailed. His art combined with Tony Avina’s coloring was great. The story started off pretty strong but by the end you could tell they were trying to hurry and wrap it up. The way everything was laid out, I could easily see this going 4 issues. That was my one complaint about this is that it all seemed to be forced into this one-shot.

There were a lot of great things set up but unfortunately we’ll never see those things paid off now. Plus towards the end, I though the dialogue suddenly shifted and got really weak. I felt like I was reading something from the 90’s as because it was full of clichés and one-liners. It was a shame because I really wanted the entire comic to end strong.

All in all, it was a decent one-shot but I really wish they would’ve let this creative team know the imprint was ending. That way they could’ve made different decisions story-wise. But we as the fans asked for more Wetworks and we got it. So in that at least we can be happy.

7 out of 10 (Above Average)