Wetworks: Mutations

(No Spoilers)

With the end of the Wildstorm Universe upon us, we get one last hurrah for one of its original teams. Ultimately, I think this was supposed to act as a lead in to a new series, but with the end of the imprint it’s turns out to be a love letter to the fans.

Of all the teams in the WSU, Wetworks was the title I followed the least. I always liked the concept of the team but never really liked the fact that they dealt with the supernatural aspect of the WSU. As time went on, I came to appreciate this fact a little more and based on the title of this one-shot, I was hoping for a major change for the team. Well, in that expectation it did deliver.

Garrison #6

(No Spoilers)
Where Sparta U.S.A. frustrated the heck out of me, in the end Garrison was successful in underwhelming me. I tried to give this book the benefit of the doubt but ultimately it was just your average comic.

Did we get more fun Francesco Francavilla art? Absolutely! Plus we get some great action scenes but that’s something that this series has delivered since the beginning.

Ides of Blood #2

“Beware the Ides of March” (No Spoilers)

Stuart C. Paul and Christian Duce deliver another beautiful issue in this intriguing mini-series. Paul’s writing is flawless and Duce’s art continues to be amazing as we get arguably one of the most unique takes on one of the most infamous assassinations in history.

Paul’s skills as a writer shine here as the pacing is excellent. He is able to pack so much story into these issues so far that I really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth reading this comic. In a 32-page comic that only has 22-pages of actual story (standard because of the ads) you feel like you get twice as much story. I’d liken it to what Adam Beechen is doing over in Wildcats.

Garrison #5

(No Spoilers)

Alright, we got a little more with this issue than last. There wasn’t a single explosion in this issue but there was a great hand-to-hand fight at the beginning. But thankfully fighting is not all we get in this issue as we finally get some revelation here.

When I started reading the issue and the fight began to run long I was afraid we wouldn’t have room for much else. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome fight but this series has been leaning more towards action than story since the beginning so while I was expecting it, I was also hoping for a little more substance too. Francavilla continues to deliver some awesome fights and is still finding new and interesting ways for Garrison to finish people off. Then afterwards we get a pretty funny scene of Garrison and Agent Bracewell in a plane that I thought was amusing but again I thought we were running out of comic too quick to fit in more story.