Garrison #6

Garrison #6 - Cover

Garrison #6 - CoverWriter: Jeff Mariotte
Pencils: Francesco Francavilla
Colors: Wes Hartman
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Shannon Eric Denton
Cover: Francesco Francavilla

(No Spoilers)
Where Sparta U.S.A. frustrated the heck out of me, in the end Garrison was successful in underwhelming me.  I tried to give this book the benefit of the doubt but ultimately it was just your average comic.

Garrison #6 - Image 1Did we get more fun Francesco Francavilla art?  Absolutely!  Plus we get some great action scenes but that’s something that this series has delivered since the beginning.  It’s the story that really made me lose interest.  We got Garrison’s origin last issue and it wasn’t a very original idea.  In this issue we do get a neat little addendum to his origin but much like Sparta U.S.A. it seemed like too little too late.

To me an average comic is one that’s entertaining but is usually forgettable.  Garrison unfortunately falls under that category.  I never got invested in the characters and the story progressed in a very predictable way.  I think I had my hopes set high because I have enjoyed Mariotte’s work in the past.  So I was surprised that he didn’t take any chances with this mini-series and take this character in a different direction.

With the shutdown of the Wildstorm Imprint, Garrison will be one of the last creator-owned titles Wildstorm ever prints.  With such an event, I just wish we would’ve gotten a better story.  But at least we’ve still got two more creator-owned titles that are wrapping up under Wildstorm’s imprint that I am thoroughly enjoying.

5 out of 10 (Average)