Garrison #6

(No Spoilers)
Where Sparta U.S.A. frustrated the heck out of me, in the end Garrison was successful in underwhelming me. I tried to give this book the benefit of the doubt but ultimately it was just your average comic.

Did we get more fun Francesco Francavilla art? Absolutely! Plus we get some great action scenes but that’s something that this series has delivered since the beginning.

Garrison #5

(No Spoilers)

Alright, we got a little more with this issue than last. There wasn’t a single explosion in this issue but there was a great hand-to-hand fight at the beginning. But thankfully fighting is not all we get in this issue as we finally get some revelation here.

When I started reading the issue and the fight began to run long I was afraid we wouldn’t have room for much else. Don’t get me wrong, it was an awesome fight but this series has been leaning more towards action than story since the beginning so while I was expecting it, I was also hoping for a little more substance too. Francavilla continues to deliver some awesome fights and is still finding new and interesting ways for Garrison to finish people off. Then afterwards we get a pretty funny scene of Garrison and Agent Bracewell in a plane that I thought was amusing but again I thought we were running out of comic too quick to fit in more story.

Garrison #4

(No Spoilers)

Action! Action! Action! That’s what I’m learning this story is about. I’ve called this Wildstorm’s summer blockbuster before and there’s no better description for it. There is a small thread of a story here but for the most part, it’s all action all the time.

I think I’m starting to see that this book would’ve been great in the 90’s. In the 90’s it was all about great art and less about story. I have to honestly say I think the saving grace with this comic for me is Francesco Francavilla’s art. There’s just no substance to this story but damn does Francavilla draw some amazing action scenes in this comic! If Michael Bay is looking for another movie to do after Transformers 3 is done, this would be a worthy candidate based solely on the amount of action.

Garrison #3

(No Spoilers)
Garrison is undoubtedly Wildstorm’s summer blockbuster. I can’t say I’m blow away by the story by any means but Francavilla’s art and visual storytelling are keeping this comic more fun for me.
This comic is really banking on the mystery surrounding the title character. But fortunately, we do get some answers to his origins even though it’s only partial. Without Francavilla’s art, I’m not sure if I’d be enjoying this comic as much. He draws some incredible action scenes! One thing I really appreciate about his action is that the fights aren’t cookie-cutter. So far, every fight Francavilla has illustrated is unique from the last. It’s as if he was the fight choreographer in a movie and he was doing his best to keep each fight interesting. So far, I think he’s succeeded.