Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 14

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 14

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Show Notes:
Welcome to another special episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy talk about Ides of Blood on an exclusive interview with Stuart C. Paul.

00:00:34 – Ben welcomes everyone to Episode #14. He introduces Joe and our special guest for the evening, Stuart C. Paul, writer of Ides of Blood.

00:00:48 – Joe welcomes Stu and thanks him for being on our show.

00:01:16 – [WA – Ben] This is your first comic, correct?  Other than a few tv shows have you ever worked in any other forms of media?
00:01:44 – [Stuart] I should say this is my first published comic. I did work for another company which had the intentions of turning comics into feature films for Hollywood. Other mediums have been scripts for television and anything else you can think of that needs to be written.

00:03:00 – [WA – Ben] How has the transition been writing for a television shows versus writing for comics?
00:03:07 – [Stuart] It’s been freeing being able to be very descriptive for the artist versus writing for the screen where the director has his own idea of the look and feel.

00:04:38 – [WA – Joe] What made you decide to venture into the world of comics?
00:04:42 – [Stuart] I came in because of screen-writing experience and then fell in love with comic medium.

00:06:39 – [WA – Ben] Who are some of your influences as a writer?
00:06:50 – [Stuart] Some of my influences were Stephen King, and Neil Gaiman who got me reading comics. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine was a favorite because I really liked the story-telling. Some of my favorite movies include Sergio Leon’s The Good Bad and Ugly, Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Christopher Nolan’s Memento and Inception.

00:11:16 – [WA – Joe] Where did the inspiration for Ides of Blood come from?
00:11:22 – [Stuart] I was thinking about genre stuff and thought vampire stuff was boring so I wanted to make them interesting. Julius Caesar came to mind and it was not done to take advantage of market. For the most part I felt vampires were presented as really stupid but there were a few movies I liked such as Salem’s Lot, Nosferatu, Georege Romero’s Martin. I have to say I hated The Lost Boys though.

00:18:05 – [WA – Ben] For a period piece like this, what kind of research did you have to do?
00:18:20 – [Stuart] I did lots of Roman research. I read the Handbook: Life in Ancient Rome and The Assassination of Julius Caesar, as well as other classic works. The Dacian culture was tough to find research on.

00:21:32 – [WA – Joe] How did you get hooked up with artist Christian Duce for this project?  What about cover artist Michael Geiger?
00: 21: 42 – [Stuart] Shannon Eric Denton hooked us up. He’s from Uraguay and he’s emailing everything. We’ve never met. Michael Geiger and I have also never communicated but he has done beautiful covers.

00:27:12 – [WA – Ben] Was Ides of Blood always going to be the first story you wanted to work on or were there other projects you wanted to get made before?
00:27:44 – [Stuart] I knew Ides of Blood would be first out. I did have a project called Dying Breed but that didn’t pan out.

00:31:59 – [WA – Joe] Does Ides of Blood end with the potential for a sequel?  Regardless, do you have any other projects in the pipe you can talk about?

00:33:18 – [Stuart] The beginning of this answer edited due to series ending spoiler. It definitely has sequel possibilities. I want to go to Egypt and do a Cleopatra story. I do have another project in the works called Bushido 44 but it doesn’t have a publisher yet (Wildstorm, you listening?).

00:37:33 – [WA – Ben] Are you familiar with Jim Lee’s Wildstorm Universe of characters and titles? Are there any characters in the Wildstorm Universe that you’d like to write?
00:37:48 – [Stuart] I’ve read the early Wildcats stuff as well as Alan Moore’s run. I’ve also read some of The Authority. (Joe mentions Stormwatch to Stu because of his interest in Deep Space Nine)

00:40:27 – [WA – Joe] Fun Question! Two-part question.  We already covered your favorite T.V./movie about vampires, but what’s your favorite movie or T.V. show depicting ancient Rome?
00:40:50 – [Stuart] I thought Rome on HBO was a masterpiece. I like Stanley Kubrick Spartacus. (Joe prompts Stu to mention Gladiator)

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