Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 31

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 31

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Show Notes:
Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy review the new DCU versions of Stormwatch #6, Voodoo #6 and Grifter #6 as well as some other Wildstorm appearances in the new DCU 52.

00:00:31  – Joe welcomes everyone to episode #31 and gives his spoiler alerts warning. Remember, all written reviews on the website are spoiler free and usually get posted within a day of print release.

00:00:41  – Joe gives some Wildstorm related news as it pertains to the current books in the DCU.

  • Artist Al Rio passed away last month by ending his own life. Al Rio was well-known for following up J. Scott Campbell’s run on Gen 13. His work centered around drawing beautiful women and his art was always eye-catching. We here at the Wildstorm Addiction send out our condolences to Al’s family and friends during this difficult time.
  • Peter Milligan who has written and will continue to write RED LANTERNS and Vertigo’s HELLBLAZER will be writing Stormwatch starting with #9. No word yet if Miguel Sepulveda will still draw. On GRIFTER, Liefeld’s stories will be scripted by Frank Tieri, whose previous DC Comics work includes JSA CLASSIFIED, GOTHAM UNDERGROUND and BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS. Scott Clark will continue to be artist for the title.
  • Teen Titans Annual #1 coming in May written by Scott Lobdell (TEEN TITANS, SUPERBOY, RED HOOD AND THE OUTLAWS) and Tom Defalco (LEGION LOST), with art by TEEN TITANS’ regular illustrator, Brett Booth. It’s begins a crossover that will continue through SUPERBOY #9, LEGION LOST #9, TEEN TITANS #9 and THE RAVAGERS #1. The cover to Ravagers #1 confirms Fairchild will be in book.  It’s also confirmed that Warblade will debut in Superboy #9.
  • Stormwatch Vol. 1 Hardcover re-solicited (yet again!) for April 4, 2012 which collects Stormwatch #37-47, Warren Ellis’ original run. Vol.2 is solicited for Oct, it collects the remainder of Ellis’ run, issues #48-50 and #1-11 of Stormwatch Vol. 2. But no Wildcats/Aliens included?
  • A special treat for long-time Wildstorm fans at Clark’s Bar.  Former Wildcats writer Adam Beechen has provided his layout for the title before he found out Wildstorm was closing. It covers what would have been issues #31-50.  You can check it out at Clark’s Bar under the thread titled “C.A.T. PLANNING“.

00:06:36 – Ben jumps right into the review of Stormwatch #6. Released released on 2/01, written by Paul Cornell with art and cover by Miguel Sepulveda.

00:20:17 – Joe follows up on his thoughts for the sixth issue of Stormwatch, Paul Cornell’s last issue on the title.

00:23:56 – Joe reviews Grifter #6. Released on 2/08, written by Nathan Edmondson, with art and cover by Scott Clark.

00:32:23 – Ben gives his assessment on Grifter #6, he was with the later group on this one. Ben wants this title to be great, but isn’t quite feeling that all of the time. Give this character a rest for pete’s sake!

00:35:14 – Ben reviews the sixth issue of the mysterious and sexy alien Voodoo. Released on 2/22, written by Josh Williamson with art by Sami Basri and cover by John Tyler Christopher.

00:47:27 – Joe gives his thoughts on Voodoo, quite the opposite of how Ben felt on this issue.

00:54:01 – Joe gives an update on other Wildstorm related sighting and tie-ins from the other DCU 52 issue #6’s that have released last month.

  • 2/08 – Demon Knights #6 – no obvious ties
  • 2/08 – Superboy #6 – no Fairchild appearance, except for flashbacks
  • 2/08 – Deathstroke #6 – Midnighter killed Deathstroke’s son, the original Ravager?
  • 2/08 – Legion Lost #6 – we think more Martian Manhunter
  • 2/15 – Green Lantern Corps #6 – more Martian Manhunter
  • 2/22 – Teen Titans #6 – small wanted poster of Grifter in special agent cubicle
  • 2/22 – Superman #6 –  no cameo of Helspont

00:57:37 -Ben continues by giving a run-down on the upcoming books and character appearances in the new DCU relaunch. Remember, all these books are available digitally the same day as the print release at the DC section of www.comixology.com

  • For the week of 3/07
    • STORMWATCH #7  Paul Jenkins first issue writing, 1:25 B&W Variant cover by MIGUEL SEPULVEDA
  • For the week of 3/14
  • For the week of 3/28
    • VOODOO #7
    • TEEN TITANS #7 (Caitlin Fairchild appearance? not likely)
    • SUPERMAN #7 First appearance of Helspont in new DCU, 1:25 B&W Variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO

00:58:47 – Joe gives a shout out to Chris Striker, of the TheAuthority.ws and Stormwatch.ws websites. Remember to visit The Higher Authority’s message boards Clark’s Bar to continue the Wildstorm integration discussions amongst long time Wildstorm fans at theauthority.ws. DC Wormhole podcast episode 7 is out at culturalwormhole.com and they’re covering several of the new 52 books.

01:00:21 – Ben gives the contact details as shown below.

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