Voodoo #7

Williamson brings us another action packed issue with even more surprises in a story aptly titled “Revelations”. The fast pace coupled with beautiful art by Sami Basri leaves me wondering why more people aren’t coming back to this title. Here’s to hoping that buzz about the positive changes in the title will get more readers to come back who left early on.

Grifter #7

Another action packed issue of Grifter comes and goes but this time the contender of the moment is Midnighter of Stormwatch. Fans of the old Wildstorm Universe known that the last time these two characters met, it did not end well. While it is a fun encounter and it was handled well, we still have yet to learn more about Grifter.

Stormwatch #7

We trade one Paul in for another as new writer Paul Jenkins takes over the reigns from Paul Cornell. Jenkins is set to do a short two-issue story but he quickly shows us that he’s going to make the most of this little stint. Mix that in with some great art by guest artist Ignacio Calero and you’ve got another solid issue of this great series!

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 31

Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy review the new DCU versions of Stormwatch #6, Voodoo #6 and Grifter #6 as well as some other Wildstorm appearances in the new DCU 52.

Joe welcomes everyone to episode #31 and gives his spoiler alerts warning. Remember, all written reviews on the website are spoiler free and usually get posted within a day of print release.