DC HeroClix: Batman-Grifter

Oh happy day!  😀  I’ve known that Grifter was a part of this set for a while but to finally see it on the official site makes me want to tear up a little *sniff, sniff*.  Anyway, I was a Heroclix player back when it first came out and got out of it around the time they introduced the cards into play.  I’m not sure if I’ll go back to playing full time but I will say never did I think ANY Wildstorm characters would make it into this game.  So to have the Wildcats as part of this Batman set is a truly a great treat!

Grifter’s powers definitely are reflected accurately here and I love how they incorporate ideas like Team 7 and the Gen-Factor into his abilities.  You can tell that the designers had a real good attention to detail when designing the figures and I’m glad, because even though these characters are not as popular or well-known as the Batman figures in the set, I’m glad they’re finally getting some good exposure.  Check out more here and see his full stats below.