DC HeroClix: Batman-Zealot

The WildC.A.T.s goodness from the upcoming Heroclix release continues as we get Grifter’s number one lady, Zealot!  They haven’t posted a page description at the official site yet but just from glancing at her combat dial, I’d say they’ve got her down pretty well.

She’s got Charge to symbolize how she’s not afraid to charge into battle as well as Leap/Climb, Flurry, and Blades/Claws/Fangs which more than appropriately establishes her skills with her blades.  Add on the ability to Incapacitate her opponents and use Combat Reflexes makes her a crazy warrior in battle.  They’ve also given her Super Senses to show her ability to read her opponent’s moves and if you dare move in close to her, you’ll have to contend with her Close Combat Expert and Exploit Weakness.  All this for only 75 points is a steal!  Keep watching the official site here to see if they post more about her.