DC HeroClix: Streets of Gotham-Spartan,Void, & Emp


Wiz Kids is just being extremely generous during this holiday season!  Now we’ve got pics of Spartan and Void figures which will be part of the upcoming Streets of Gotham set.  Once again these are the classic versions of the characters (although Spartan is set to debut in the DCU New 52 with February’s Team 7 #5) and they seem to have done a good job of matching up their abilities for the game.


Spartan is a hefty 125 points (more than the Maul figure was!) but it seems to be because he has some pretty tough clix.  On top of that he’s got Super Strength, Charge, Flurry, Invulnerability, and later Toughness to show how resilient he can be in battle.  And when he nears K.O. he has Regeneration to simulate his ability to repair his body.  He also uses Leadership and Perplex off his card which can give your opponent some major headaches during battle.  I am surprised they didn’t giving him a flying ability though.  Also, two noteworthy things about the figure, instead of simply calling him Spartan, he’s called Spartan Warrior Spirit.  This is strange because not only is this not his name, but name comes from a comic mini-series of the same name from 1995.  And aside from being listed as part of the WildC.A.T.s on his card, he’s also listed as part of a Stormwatch (to reflect his short time with that team).  Could this be a tease for an upcoming Stormwatch set?


Void is a much more affordable at 70 points but it is (ironically) because she’s a weaker figure.  Now, it’s hard to call Void weak when she wields the power of the Orb, one of the most powerful items in the old Wildstorm Universe.  But what they’ve done is made her weak in hand-to-hand combat (which makes sense) but made her strong in her other powers.  She can use the Carry ability to fly up to 4 players with her which accurately mimics her teleporting abilities.   This can be used to move a dangerous group of allies in quickly and reek havoc on your opponent.  Her teleporting abilities are further represented with her Phasing ability which make walls meaningless to her.  To further help her teammates she can use her Barrier ability to deflect attacks and should she start taking damage, she can use Regeneration to heal.  Finally, her trio of Outwit, Probability Control, and Super Senses can frustrate your opponent by causing re-rolls or using your own dice to roll out of difficult situations.

UPDATE: 12/19/12


Apparently, I missed the post of the Lord Emp figure so here he is!  At 93 points Emp is a good figure to have as support for your team (which accurately represents him from the comic).  Emp has Outwit and Perplex, two powers which can greatly benefit your teammates and hinder your opponent at the same time.  And if they go after Emp, he’s not easy to take out with his Stealth ability.  He also has Regeneration and Invulnerability which reminds your opponent, it’s not easy to kill a Kherabim High Lord.  He rounds out the WildC.A.T.s nicely and makes the original team complete.  🙂