Stormwatch #15

Peter Milligan starts steering the team in a new direction as the long-awaited plans of former-Stormwatch member Harry Tanner finally come to the forefront. It causes Midnighter becomes a fugitive and shows us the killing-machine himself having no choice but to flee for his life. It’s a bold move for a team whose current incarnation hasn’t existed that long in the New 52 and it makes for an exciting issue.

Video Review- Wildcats Heroclix from DC Batman series

Welcome to our second video review! This is a short video review of the Wildcats Heroclix figures that Joe reported earlier this year. It’s really cool that we got to finally have some Wildstorm figures for this game and the traditional Wildcats ones no less! Can’t get enough all things Wildstorm in the DCU New 52. Hope you guys enjoy it! Oh and did I mention that you can watch it in full 1080p?!?!