Summer hiatus for podcast

gen13v1Well, if you’ve listened to Ep. 47 then you know that we’ve decided to take a hiatus from doing the podcast for the rest of the summer.  DC has reduced its Wildstorm-centered titles down to only Stormwatch.  We figured it wouldn’t be worth recording a monthly podcast about one book.  Plus, we’ve been going at the podcast pretty strong since we returned in Fall 2011 with the debut of the New 52 so it’s a nice time for a break.

While we are disappointed that we’re once again back to morning the characters of the WSU, it’s times out right as both Ben and I have seen an increase in both our jobs and family-life.  We intend to return in Sept. to discuss whatever event DC plans to do and also to discuss the first full arc of the rebooted Stormwatch at that time.  Until then, we will continue with the written reviews for the Stormwatch title.  We hope everyone has a great summer and be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed so you’ll get a notification when we return.