Voodoo #1

“Keeping Secrets” (No Spoilers) The final round of the New 52 is here and with it comes another addition from the Wildstorm Universe. Voodoo centers on a character that became well-known as a member of the Wildcats during the Wildstorm years. But now Voodoo’s introduction into the DCU comes solo and leaves us wondering where her allegiances really lie.

As a member of the Wildcats, Voodoo was always a favorite character of mine. I loved her design and how her later incarnations became less and less superhero and more real world like Wildstorm was known for. This issue alone pays homage to both incarnations of Voodoo. We get to see a variation of her original costume as she dances on stage in this issue which was a nice touch. The character here is full of mystery and her true purpose isn’t clearly defined yet. But it’s this mystery that Ron Marz has presented to us that I hope will have new readers hungry to learn more.