Stormwatch #19

Welcome to the new Stormwatch! This is not issue #19, it reads more like a first issue. But that’s exactly what they’re doing with this title so it was very appropriate. This is definitely very new reader friendly. Starlin does what he does best as he infuses the title with his classic sci-fi feel. And Guichet’s art fits perfectly with what has proven to be a nice new beginning for the team.

Grifter #14

Hot on the tail of the news that the title is being cancelled, we get a fun, albeit shallow, issue of Grifter. While the issue was enjoyable it was a quick read and the logic behind the result of the fight between Midnighter and Grifter still has me scratching my head. At this point, all we can hope for is some entertaining issues before the end.

Grifter #7

Another action packed issue of Grifter comes and goes but this time the contender of the moment is Midnighter of Stormwatch. Fans of the old Wildstorm Universe known that the last time these two characters met, it did not end well. While it is a fun encounter and it was handled well, we still have yet to learn more about Grifter.