Gen 13 Heroclix are coming!

There is not an official annoucement yet but I figured Wiz Kids wouldn’t go through the trouble of posting this if it wasn’t a sure thing.  Wiz Kids on Facebook told fans recently that if they reached 13,000 likes on their page they would reveal some exclusive content.  Well it did so they did.  They released an image that had a ton of upcoming figures but the one that caught our attention was prototypes for the Gen 13 kids!


Sorry that the pic isn’t the best, but it’s the largest copy Wiz Kids posted.  But Wiz Kids confirmed it’s the Gen 13 group.  After zooming it in for you guys it appears we have the whole team!  From left to right, I see Freefall with Grunge in front of her.  Then Fairchild, Burnout and Rainmaker.  I’d have to assume they’ll be treated just like the WildC.A.T.s Heroclix and they’ll have their classic uniforms.  They’ll obviously be part of a future DC set but I’m hoping that it’ll be something we see in 2013 (hmmm, Gen 13?  2013?  Is it providence? :p )

UPDATE: Found a better pic of the figures:



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  1. Sonny2791J says:

    Wasn’t this already announced? For example:

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