Gen 13 #38

“Pocatello: Part 4: Hide and Seek” (No Spoilers)

Writer: Phil Hester
Pencils: Cruddie Torian
Inks: Andy Smith
Colors: Gabe Eltaeb
Letters: Wes Abbott
Editor: Scott Peterson
Cover: Ivan Reis

As somber as some of the Wildstorm issues have seemed lately because of the imprint’s eminent closure, this issue was the first to warrant such a feeling. Hester is drawing his Gen 13 run to a close with some great emotional moments mixed with some epic action.

I thought Hester’s and Torian’s run began strong but then began to dwindle a little the last couple of issues. But the build-up was certainly worth the climax we’re building towards. Hester has especially taken the character of Fairchild through an emotional rollercoaster in such a short time frame. There are two scenes that really pulled at my heart-strings but I’d have to say the one between her and Burnout choked me up a little. Only longtime Wildstorm fans could appreciate the weight of their exchange.

Cruddie Torian also does a great job of capturing these emotional moments especially when we get some close-ups of Fairchild’s reaction to the situation. And with all the action sandwiched in this issue between those moments Torian gets a chance to draw lots of fights and battle scenes throughout the issue. I find it ironically appropriate that an artist who emulates J. Scott Campbell’s style be the one to end Gen 13.

Hester has done a great job with this story. It makes me wish he could’ve worked his magic at reviving the Wildstorm Universe like he’s done over in Top Cow. But I’m glad he at least got to play in the Wildstorm sandbox before it’s done. I eagerly anticipate the “Soul-Searing Climax” as Hester states in the cliffhanger.

8 out of 10 (On its way to greatness!)