Ides of Blood #5

“Chains” (No Spoilers)

Writer: Stuart C. Paul
Artist: Christian Duce
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Editor: Scott Peterson
Cover: Michael Geiger

This is an incredibly dense comic. I’m not talking page-length, I’m talking story-wise. It takes me a while to get through the 22 pages of story but Paul has packed so much into those pages, I feel more than full when I’m done reading. It’s a great feeling!

Things slowed down significantly in this issue but rightfully so. Our characters are on their way to cracking the mystery at the heart of this story and Paul continues to add great twists and turns; even tragic ones. I won’t say who, but let’s just say at least one character doesn’t make out of this issue. It’s so cool when a creator is not afraid to end his creations. It raises the stakes of the story and shows that no one is safe. Plus, Paul does a great job of creating great characters in such a short amount of screen time. It actually sucked when I saw this character die. That’s great story-telling!

If I had any quip about this issue, and it’s very minor, it’s that I feel Christian Duce’s art didn’t seem the same with him coloring it. Don’t misunderstand me, his art is still amazing. It was just a very subtle change with him doing the interior work instead of having Carlos Badilla coloring for him like early on. But his art is still dead on for this story and he illustrates some great shots.

Even though things slowed down a bit, Paul doesn’t leave it like that the entire issue. As we get to the “master-plan” scene at the end of the book, we are treated to great confrontation between all the characters and yet another interesting twist as we find out how the Romans plan to end the vampires once and for all. It was a very interesting concept.

But Paul doesn’t let up even on the last page where we end on a very interesting cliffhanger as well. This one will leave you scratching your head until next issue. Without a doubt, this is the most under-rated title on the stands right now. I so hope this gets traded so more people can experience its awesomeness.

8 out of 10 (On it’s way to greatness!)


  1. Hey guys, about the color, you realized that the issues #3 and #4 were also colored by me, right?
    Ok, I just wanted to make that clear.
    And thanks a lot for the big support 😉

    1. Thanks for stopping by Christian. I was just being nitpicky. If you’ve seen, we have greatly enjoyed your work. So don’t take my comment as a knock because that’s not what it was meant to be. This is easily the best WSU creator-owned title of the year. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I saw how much you guys enjoyed Ides, and I’m really grateful for the support you’ve given us right from the beginning.
    I didn’t take in a wrong way your comments, guys. I just interpreted that you thought that I only colored this Issue (#5).
    Again, thanks a lot, and I hope for the sixth issue to leave you satisfied and happy (although, with a partner like Stuart, that job is almost done already 😉
    Happy Holidays!

  3. Thanks Christian! Yes, we’ve made it well known that we think your work is awesome so no worries there. Maybe when they revive Wildstorm they’ll use you. We’d love to see you on one of the core books. The Authority maybe?

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