Voodoo #8

Josh Williamson keeps the craziness coming as we get another action packed issue with new revelations, new characters joining in, and old characters biting the dust. Mix this with Sami Basri’s exceptional art and you’ve got one of the most under-appreciated titles of the New 52.

Grifter #8

After a string of action centered issues, Nathan Edmondson takes his last issue to tie up some loose ends and give us an emotional action-packed ending to his Grifter run. Even fill-in artist Daniel Sampere does a great job of taking the reigns from Scott Clark for an issue and doing some great work as we see this first chapter of Grifter’s story wrap-up.

Stormwatch #8

Wow! Paul Jenkins did not waste any of his talent on this short two-issue run. It was obvious he not only set out to tell a good story, but I dare say he did a better job of it in two issues than previous writer Paul Cornell did in the previous six. I’m not trying to put down what Cornell did on the title but Jenkins did an outstanding job with what he had to work with.