DC HeroClix: Batman-Maul

We get the Wildcats heavy hitter this time as Maul makes his Heroclix debut. I personally would’ve liked him a giant figure, but it seems they worked his dial to represent his intelligent side as Jeremy Stone and then increasing his powers as his mass increases. Check out more on him here and be sure to check out his states below. I’m not as happy about the stats on this figure as the others so far. But the sculpts are still really good for this set and hey, we’ve got a Maul Heroclix figure so I’m happy!

Video Review-Grifter statue from Eaglemoss

Welcome to our first ever video review! This was just a short video I shot to promote the Grifter statue from Eaglemoss we reported earlier this year. I feel it wasn’t as heavily promoted like the Grifter Bust was so I just wanted to show our continued support for all things Wildstorm in the DCU New 52. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Ravagers #5

Picking up directly from where issue 4 left us, the group finally comes to some realizations that cause them to go from a group to a team. It’s good to have the creative team of writer Howard Mackie with artist Ian Churchill again. I feel the stronger issues of the title so far have been the ones with both of them on board. This narrowly beat out Stormwatch as my favorite book this month.

Team 7 #1

Team 7’s introduction to the DCU continues here as we get an action-filled issue that puts the team to the test. While the zero issue had to mix action with introductions with action, here writer Justin Jordan had the freedom to go more action. But he adds a narrative that re-introduces the characters through the eyes of Lynch for those who didn’t read the zero issue.