DC Heroclix: Teen Titans- Harvest

harvest1Today, Wiz Kids starts their round of Ravagers previews by giving us the bane of this team’s existence.  Here is Harvest, the mastermind behind the organization N.O.W.H.E.R.E. which is responsible for the creation of The Ravagers.  The resourcefulness and power of this villain are more than accurately represented and may even reveal that Harvest is a lot more powerful than we may have thought.

First off, his figure is a whopping 263 points!  He’s just 37 points shy of a 300 point team build.  So in essence, Harvest is almost like a one-man army.  And the powers and abilities they give him throughout reiterate that on a very dangerous combat dial.  He has the N.O.W.H.E.R.E. key word and can use the team abilities of any friendly characters who have the same key word.  They have taken his great intelligence into consideration by making sure he has Outwit in one form or another through out his dial.  His powers read like the Heroclix manual as he goes from Incapacitate to Penetrating/Psychic to Blade/Claws/Fangs to Running Shot.  They’ve even made it harder to hit him as he can defend with Impervious or Invulnerability.  And if he chooses not to fight, he can easily get away with some clicks of Phasing/Teleport.


But one thing that is very unique about Harvest is his ability to use a relic in the game.  In this case it’s his staff.  It allows him to use Incapacitate and Outwit.  When using Incapacitate Harvest gets +1 to his attack.   If you give Harvest a power action you may choose a power; that power is countered on all characters within 5 squares.  If you give Harvest a double power action and choose a character within 10 squares and line of fire; deal that character 1 unavoidable damage and all of its powers and abilities are countered until your next turn.  This just adds to an already insanely powerful figure.


Well, we hope the mighty Harvest here impressed you.  You can find more details about him here.   But even more so, we hope the combined might of The Ravagers can stand against him.  We already got an early look at Terra here, but be watching for more Ravagers figures to be previewed this week.