The Authority: The Lost Year #10

The Authority: The Lost Year #10 – Cover

“The Seventh Day” (No Spoilers)

Writers: Grant Morrison & Keith Giffen
Pencils: Brandon Badeaux
Colors: Jonny Rench
Letters: Rob Leigh
Editor: Scott Peterson
Cover: Gene Ha

FINALLY! An issue of Lost Year I really like! I haven’t liked an issue this much since issue 6 (which ultimately let me down with the following issue). The difference here is I now know this little arc will be resolved next issue. Would I like for it to run longer? Hell yeah! Especially with Brandon Badeaux drawing it. But for now I’ll take what I can get.

I’ll start with Brandon Badeaux. He is an incredible artist! Wildstorm fans have seen his work in the “Dane: Loyalties” back-up story which ran in the early World’s End titles and also in The Authority #10. Not since Gene Ha opened up this series have I come across art I loved this much. He is extremely detailed and I think that may be his blessing and his curse. I’m not sure if he could do a monthly because he spends so much time on his art but even if it were bi-monthly, I’d wait for a title with his art.

One very cool aspect of this story that is unlike any previous is this series is that this acts as a “What If?” to a very major storyline in Wildstorm’s past (don’t want to spoil it). It was one of my personal favorite storylines and it is really cool to see how things played out in this alternate Earth as a result. There are even a couple of Wildstorm characters we haven’t seen in a while who have alternate versions here.

Speaking of which, because this spins out of a major storyline from Wildstorm’s past, it features a ton of characters from around the WSU. And again, seeing Badeaux draw some of these characters is pure eye-candy. It also gives this story a more epic feel because with the other heroes around it feels like there’s more at stake here.

Even though I know it ends the story, I’m hoping next issue is as enjoyable as this one. For as much as this series has disappointed me as a whole, it’s nice to be excited about at least two of the last three issues. We’ll see how the final issue plays-out.

8 out of 10 (On its way to greatness)