Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 6

Welcome to a special episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy talk about the A god Somewhere – OGN and Ben gets an exclusive “live” interview with Steve Niles to discuss his upcoming X-files/30 Days of Night crossover.
Ben welcomes everyone to Episode #6 live from New Dimension Comics in Cranberry Twp, PA along with Steve Niles creator of 30 Days of Night. He’s nearing the end of his signing tour for his newest creation, Mystery Society.

A god Somewhere

(SPOILERS, this one was too hard to write without them) I went back and forth whether or not to pick this up when I first saw it announced. The only exposure I ever had to writer John Arcudi was his run on Gen 13 Volume 1, and I just thought it was ok. The premise was intriguing but it wasn’t something I hadn’t read in other forms before. All of this coupled with the fact it was an original graphic novel with a $24.99 cover price, made me very hesitant to invest in it. I’m happy to say it was well worth the risk.