DC HeroClix: Batman-Maul

We get the Wildcats heavy hitter this time as Maul makes his Heroclix debut. I personally would’ve liked him a giant figure, but it seems they worked his dial to represent his intelligent side as Jeremy Stone and then increasing his powers as his mass increases. Check out more on him here and be sure to check out his states below. I’m not as happy about the stats on this figure as the others so far. But the sculpts are still really good for this set and hey, we’ve got a Maul Heroclix figure so I’m happy!

DC HeroClix: Batman-Zealot

The WildC.A.T.s goodness from the upcoming Heroclix release continues as we get Grifter’s number one lady, Zealot! They haven’t posted a page description at the official site yet but just from glancing at her combat dial, I’d say they’ve got her down pretty well.

DC HeroClix: Batman-Grifter

Oh happy day! 😀 I’ve known that Grifter was a part of this set for a while but to finally see it on the official site makes me want to tear up a little *sniff, sniff*. Anyway, I was a Heroclix player back when it first came out and got out of it around the time they introduced the cards into play. I’m not sure if I’ll go back to playing full time but I will say never did I think ANY Wildstorm characters would make it into this game. So to have the Wildcats as part of this Batman set is a truly a great treat!

DC HeroClix: Batman-Warblade

Ok, so we talked about this over the summer but I said I wouldn’t post about it until we started getting some official pictures. Well, FINALLY we’re starting to get some (the set is coming out in November). So first up is Warblade. And like the other Wildcats in the set, its his classic look.