Ravagers Heroclix are coming!

Wiz Kids just keeps the early Christmas presents coming as they announced today the release of The Ravagers as part to the Teen Titans Heroclix. The set includes Caitlin Fairchild, Ridge, Thunder, Lightning, Beast Boy, and Terra.

Gen 13 Heroclix are coming!

There is not an official annoucement yet but I figured Wiz Kids wouldn’t go through the trouble of posting this if it wasn’t a sure thing. Wiz Kids on Facebook told fans recently that if they reached 13,000 likes on their page they would reveal some exclusive content. Well it did so they did. They released an image that had a ton of upcoming figures but the one that caught our attention was prototypes for the Gen 13 kids!

Video Review- Wildcats Heroclix from DC Batman series

Welcome to our second video review! This is a short video review of the Wildcats Heroclix figures that Joe reported earlier this year. It’s really cool that we got to finally have some Wildstorm figures for this game and the traditional Wildcats ones no less! Can’t get enough all things Wildstorm in the DCU New 52. Hope you guys enjoy it! Oh and did I mention that you can watch it in full 1080p?!?!

DC HeroClix: Batman-Voodoo

We go into Halloween week with yet another WildC.A.T.s figure from the upcoming Heroclix set. This time it’s one of my favorites, the sexy Daemonite-detector herself, Voodoo! She makes the 5th confirmed member of the WildC.A.T.s so far. Her dial seems to reflect her powers well. They also take into account her split Kherubim/Daemonite heritage which is pretty cool. They even go as far as to reference her Coda training with Zealot. I am so impressed by how much thought and research the designers have put into these figures so far.