The Authority #24

“Mondregon-Part 2” (No Spoilers)
I’m glad this was labeled as a “Part 2” because you really have to read the previous issue to understand what’s going on here. I think the old “every issue could be someone’s first” thing can be fudged a little when you outright number the parts of your story.

The issue heralds the return of artist Al Barrionuevo who had been off the title for two issues. We originally thought he’d left with the previous writing team but it seems they just brought in artist Mike S. Miller for the past two issues to give Barrionuveo a chance to get some issues in the can (especially since the solicits for the next two issues list him as the artist). It is bittersweet because I love both Barrionuevo’s and Miller’s artwork. Their style is way too different to pick one over the other. But Barrionuevo returns in full force with some amazing work.

The Authority #23

“Mondregon” (No Spoilers)
The Authority…in space! That’s what I’m enjoying the most about this title. With access to The Bleed, The Authority are no strangers to dealing with other-worldly creatures. But with the current arc, it gives the new setting of outer space to do this.

I’m a big sci-fi fan so as I’ve read this Authority title month after month since The Carrier blasted off into space, I can’t help but have memories of Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, and Battlestar Galactica dance through my head as I read. Outer space is such a versatile playground for storytelling and it’s utilizing The Authority in ways they’ve never been used before.

The Authority #22

“Infestation” (No Spoilers)
This is a really solid first issue by the new creative team of writer Tom Taylor and artist Mike S. Miller. As much as I hated to see the previous creative team go, I can tell already that the title is in good hands.
Taylor’s arc picks up with last issue’s cliffhanger. There’s a group of old Wildstorm enemies on The Carrier and Grifter, Flint, and Deathblow have to deal with them. I would’ve never thought this trio would work but they’ve got some great exchanges during the opening scene. Also, wait until you see how Flint takes out one of the bad guys. It’s awesome!

The Authority #21

“Adrift” (No Spoilers)
The creative team consisting of writers Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman along with artist Al Barrionuevo bow out of their Authority run with this issue. No official reason has been given but regardless of the reason, I am saddened by their departure. Their run has been really strong and after four solid issues, I hate to see them go. But the good news is they leave us with a really good issue.
Someone asked me to give a summary of what I thought of both this title and the current Wildcats title. I told them Wildcats right now was very much like a Michael Bay movie while The Authority is reminding me a lot of the new Battlestar Galactica series. And I’m enjoying each title based on that comparison.