Stormwatch #3

THIS was the issue of Stormwatch I knew Cornell was building up to. There are some amazing concepts and some incredible action in this issue. If there are some people out there who follow the “I’ll get the first 3 issues and see where it goes” method, I hope that this issue has solidified Stormwatch as part of your monthly buys!

Voodoo #2

Ron Marz promised this would be a sexy book and that’s just what we got last issue. He also promised that this book would have some action in it and he definitely delivers with that as well in this issue.

Grifter #2

Grifter continues his debut in the DCU in this fast-paced issue that was over a little too quickly for my tastes but had some great action in it.

This comic is reading a lot like a T.V. show to me. There’s a sense that they’re really going for a real world feel here but of course we’re getting supernatural elements thrown in as well. I like the opening scene in the diner but when I found myself getting to the end of the issue I felt maybe it could’ve been shortened a bit. But I guess that’s because I’m so anxious to see more about this character I really don’t want the issue to end period.