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Wildcats #23 - Cover

Wildcats #23

“The Protectorate 1 of 3: Groundwork”

Writer: Adam Beechen
Pencils: Tim Seeley
Inks: Ryan Winn
Colors: Carlos Badilla
Letters: Wes Abbott
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Scott Peterson
Cover: Pete Woods

This is the most solid I’ve seen Wildcats in a long time. We are five issues into this creative teams’ run and they continue to deliver each month. I have not walked away from a Wildcats issue of theirs yet and felt disappointed.

What are the strengths here? Well, first off, the debut arc was an all out three-issue battle. This left very little time for character moments and character development which is what some complained about. However, last issue gave us nothing BUT character moments with absolutely no action. It was a great “breather” issue. Here Beechen and Seeley start revving the engines to prepare us for more craziness.

We start with some great moments with Grunge. He’s always been seen as the dumb-one of Gen 13 which was funny because in reality he’s very smart. He’s forced to make a decision to grow-up pretty fast now that the world has ended. The cool thing about this though is that despite everything, he’s still lovable Grunge. I think Beechen nailed his character and set up a great plot thread with him.

The action comes in as we follow Battalion and Ladytron on their mission to find Earth’s current Doctor. Beechen has a lot of fun with this scene as he takes a few jabs at a certain comic company who shall remain nameless (hint: It’s not DC). This next tidbit might be a bit spoilerish but you’ll have to forgive me for it. Beechen does something some thought impossible. He makes DC/Wildstorm: Dreamwar somewhat relevant! You’ll see what I mean when you read.

This title’s strength also lies in the fact they are getting a lot of story into each issue. Besides what I’ve already mentioned we still have storylines with Majestic/Nemesis, Warblade, Link, and Zealot/Midnighter. Even more so, I don’t feel cheated on any of them!

Last issue was a good jumping on point, but this one could be as well. It’s got enough set-up in it to give a new reader time to digest while still inserting some action, which is what was missing last issue.

It is so good to have a book like this that I not only look forward to each month, but also leaves me very satisfied in the end. Tim Seeley? Don’t think I’ve forgotten you. Your art is still phenomenal and did anyone ever tell you, you draw gorgeous women?

Rating: 9 out of 10 (Excellent!)

Garrison #2 - Cover

Garrison #2

Writer: Jeff Mariotte
Pencils: Francesco Francavilla
Colors: Wes Hartman
Letters: Johnny Lowe
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Shannon Eric Denton
Cover: Francisco Francavilla

When I reviewed Garrison #1, I didn’t have much to say about it which is why it got a “Quick-Fix” review here at the site. It was a decent issue but based on what was presented I couldn’t find anything I wanted to elaborate on. Issue two is a totally different story though.

In issue one it’s basically established that everyone in the U.S. is under heavy surveillance. Everything people do is caught on camera and used against them if necessary. Along comes Garrison and he seems to be able to operate “in-between” all the surveillance enough to cause some chaos for the local authorities. The authorities have labeled him a serial killer but it’s obvious this is not what he is.

Without giving too much away, one thing that this issue makes apparent is Garrison is not your normal human being. He’s able to fight extremely well and even perform some tasks that a normal person could not. This is an interesting turn for the character because now I want to know why he can do these things.

Another thing that I thought made this issue stronger was the amount of action in it. We two great actions scenes: one at the beginning and one at the end. Francavilla illustrates some means moves that Garrison pulls on some unfortunate officers. Watch for what he does with the beer tap at the bar and also what he does to the guy in the ball cap and glasses to see what I’m talking about.

We also get a little more info regarding Garrison’s mysterious origins. Apparently, he’s a little fuzzy on his origins as well. It’s a good mystery that really takes an interesting turn with the cliffhanger to the issue.

I’m going to hold back on upping my rating from issue one only because I get the sense we’re going somewhere very cool next issue. But it is a strong 7. I’d go 7.5 if I could. I’m really curious to see what happens next.

7 out of 10 (Above Average)

Dv8: Gods and Monsters #2 - Cover

Dv8: Gods and Monsters #2

“Cursed Female” (No Spoilers)

Writer: Brian Wood
Pencils: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Carrie Strachan
Letters: Jared K. Fletcher
Assistant Editor: Kristy Quinn
Editor: Ben Abernathy
Cover: Fiona Staples & Brian Wood

This issue was a little more reserved but I really didn’t mind due to the strong delivery of last issue. In the last issue, Brian Wood and Rebekah Isaacs accomplished the incredible task of getting the story set-up, establishing a great conflict and re-introducing the characters. Here we take time to focus on the character of Bliss. I really like the structure of the story because it seems that Wood is going to layout each character’s motivations before we get into any heavy action. In fact, this issue is very light on the action (although Frostbite does get to show off his powers in a ‘cool’ way -pun intended).

One of the ways that Wood is spot-on with the characterization is showing that Bliss is selfish. She doesn’t care about anyone or anything else if it doesn’t somehow serve her needs. The funny things is that ultimately, even though she does some uncharacteristic things early on (see the ‘birth’ scene), in the end her final goal still serves her desires and nothing else. This is the character of Bliss as she should be and I love that Brian Wood gets her character.

The only Dv8 character here I’m not familiar with is Freestyle. She debuted later in the original Dv8 run when I wasn’t following anymore. I’m glad Rebekah Isaacs gave her a new look. Honestly, from looking back at old pictures she always looked like a Sublime rip-off to me. Here, I think she’s got a more distinct look. Regardless of how she was portrayed in the old series, I love how she’s presented here as brainy and even a little goofy.

Rebekah Isaacs is still on her A-game with the art. I didn’t think she could do a cooler version of Bliss with her tribe than she did in issue one but she proved me wrong with an amazing two-page spread. I can’t wait to see Bliss and her tribe in action.

The issue was not as exciting as the previous but it moved the story along which seems was its purpose. Wood is obviously taking us through a certain series of events that must play out before we get to some all out action. It’s a build-up that I’m willing to wait patiently for to see the pay off.

8 out of 10 (On Its Way to Greatness!)

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast - Episode 3

Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 3

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Show Notes:

Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction. Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz and Benjamin Murphy talk about Wildstorm releases for the week of 4/28 to 5/5.

00:00:35 – Ben and Joe welcome you to Episode #3 w/reviews of The Authority TLY #8, The Authority #22, Garrison #1, Sparta #3, and Wildcats #22.

00:00:58 – Joe gives another thanks for our supporters that are listening and gives a spoiler alert announcement.

00:02:06 – Ben reviews Wildcats #22 written by Adam Beechen; art by Tim Seeley; cover by Walt Simonson (Authority #21 other half of cover)

00:11:30 – Joe reviews The Authority The Lost Year #8 story by Grant Morrison, Keith Giffen, and J.M. DeMatteis; art by David Williams; cover by Gene Ha.

00:20:39 – Ben reviews Garrison #1 (of 6), written by Jeff Mariottte, art and cover art by Francesco Francavilla.

00:28:39 – Joe reviews The Authority #22 story by Tom Taylor; art by Mike Miller; cover art by Pete Woods (Wildcats #23 other half of cover).

00:38:00 – Joe is dumb enough to let Ben give his thoughts on The Authority #22. What did he rate it?!?!

00:42:48 – Ben reviews Sparta #3 (of 6), written by David Lapham; art by Johnny Timmons.

00:50:39 – Joe mentions the release of Victorian Undead #6 (of 6) and Astro City: The Dark Age-Book 4 ##4 (of 4). Is that enough 4’s for ya?

00:51:30 – Ben reminds listeners to visit our sponsors at Discount Comic Book Service @ for the latest issues or if you’re looking for trades, Instock trades @ or you can go to the banner at Comic Addiction at

00:52:07 – Joe give out our contact info and also plugs the Gen 13 Club on deviantART which is currently running a Dv8 contest with a Rebekah Isaacs sketch for the winner.

00:53:57 – (AFTER Exit Music) Bloopers and a “deleted scene”


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