Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 7

Welcome to another episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Our resident Wildstorm experts Joe David Soliz & Benjamin Murphy talk about the Wildstorm comic releases for the weeks of 6/16 through 6/23. Ben welcomes everyone to Episode #7 with reviews of Dv8: Gods and Monsters #3, Garrison #3 (of 6), The Authority: The Lost Year #9, and Wildcats #24.

Wildcats #24

“The Protectorate 2 of 3: Inside Men” (No Spoilers)
I cannot believe how much story Beechen and Seeley pack into each issue. There is so much going on in these 22 pages I don’t know how they’re not making me feel cheated. But somehow, they’re doing it every month!
If there is one story that gets more screen time than the others, it’s Midnighter’s investigation of Zealot and her activities. During the parts of the issue that constitute Midnighter and Zealot’s story, we get a quick fight between Midnighter and someone (if you saw the preview you know who it is), we get to see Midnighter show some great emotion when he learns Zealot’s true plans, and finally we get a great cliffhanger which is going to set up an amazing fight next issue.

Garrison #3

(No Spoilers)
Garrison is undoubtedly Wildstorm’s summer blockbuster. I can’t say I’m blow away by the story by any means but Francavilla’s art and visual storytelling are keeping this comic more fun for me.
This comic is really banking on the mystery surrounding the title character. But fortunately, we do get some answers to his origins even though it’s only partial. Without Francavilla’s art, I’m not sure if I’d be enjoying this comic as much. He draws some incredible action scenes! One thing I really appreciate about his action is that the fights aren’t cookie-cutter. So far, every fight Francavilla has illustrated is unique from the last. It’s as if he was the fight choreographer in a movie and he was doing his best to keep each fight interesting. So far, I think he’s succeeded.

The Authority: The Lost Year #9

“Punch Drunk”
I am truly shocked but I actually thought this issue was okay. Last issue really frustrated me to no end and I dreaded picking this one up. But there were several factors that were different about this issue that I think slightly improved it from the last one.
First off, we get J.J. Kirby as the artist this time. I didn’t think David Williams and Kelsey Shannon’s art from last issue was horrible at all. In fact I stated in my review for that issue that I thought it was perfect especially with some of the facial expression they did. But I think Kirby’s art suited the story just that much more. I remember first seeing J.J. Kirby’s work in the Backlash series.