Wildstorm Addiction Podcast – Episode 10

Welcome to a special episode of Wildstorm Addiction! Joe David Soliz brings us the news from the San Diego Comic Con. We also have reviews of Dv8: God’s and Monster #4 and the new series, Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #1.

Joe welcomes everyone to Episode #10 for the week of July 21st and the weekend of July 25th.
Spoiler alerts warning, but all the written Wildstorm reviews at site are spoiler free unless otherwise noted.

Garrison #4

(No Spoilers)

Action! Action! Action! That’s what I’m learning this story is about. I’ve called this Wildstorm’s summer blockbuster before and there’s no better description for it. There is a small thread of a story here but for the most part, it’s all action all the time.

I think I’m starting to see that this book would’ve been great in the 90’s. In the 90’s it was all about great art and less about story. I have to honestly say I think the saving grace with this comic for me is Francesco Francavilla’s art. There’s just no substance to this story but damn does Francavilla draw some amazing action scenes in this comic! If Michael Bay is looking for another movie to do after Transformers 3 is done, this would be a worthy candidate based solely on the amount of action.

The Authority: The Lost Year #11

“Damage Control” (No Spoilers)

In-freaking-credible! I wish all of Lost Year had been like these last two issues. Everything came together in this issue; the story was engaging and once again we’re treated to amazing art by Brandon Badeaux.

Badeaux’s art is what really made this arc for me. It is incredibly detailed and combined with Jonny Rench’s colors makes for some of the best art in a comic I’ve seen in a long time. Plus, Badeaux’s designs for the alternate reality Authority are just wicked! I’ve heard people say they don’t think Badeaux could handle a monthly book because his art is so detailed. Personally, I’d wait on a bi-monthly book if he were doing the art. It’s that good.

Wildcats #25

“The Protectorate 3 of 3: Knock Down, Drag Out” (No Spoilers)

Here it is! The battle of the century! Midnighter vs. Zealot! Did the fight deliver? I say, yes!

Adam Beechen relies on two of his many strengths during this issue. First, he uses a character that is normally in the background to narrate the events (similar to Runt narrating Gen 13 #34, which was also written by Beechen). This time it’s Petrified Girl, originally of the superhero team The Paladins (introduced in Number of the Beast). I had wondered what Beechen’s reasoning was in bringing Petrified Girl to Earth with Zealot, Cybernary, and Maul. It becomes clearer as she narrates the fight.