Welcome to Tranquility: One Foot in the Grave #2

“Homecoming-Part Two: Of Cabbages and Kings” (No Spoilers)

Gail Simone does know how to write a fun comic. This little venture back into the town of Tranquility has her in top form as she crafts another great mystery while not skimping on the humor.

The opening pages are great! They offer more back story on the characters of Tranquility in fun and unique ways just like Simone did in the original series. But don’t think these little nuggets are just for fun. If you pay attention you can start putting together some of the mystery. This is especially true with the last page. I thought it was brilliant.

Sparta U.S.A. #6

“Beyond the Mountain” (No Spoilers)

Why? Why? Why! Why did we have to waste so much time on those first four issues when there was such a great story to be told here at the end? The final issue of Sparta is what this entire series should have been, compelling, action-packed, and spinning off of what turns out to be a very cool premise!

This story could’ve easily been told in three issues, maybe four, but certainly not the six we got. Issue 1 was good as an introduction to this world, Issue 2 did a little better at setting up the mystery and solidifying the characters, but I could’ve completely ignored Issue 3 and 4 and just skipped to 5 and 6. I’m all for setting up characters, especially when you’re introducing a unique world like this, but there is such a thing as too much set up. I feel like I’ve sat through an hour and a half worth of a lackluster movie only for the last 30 minutes to be totally awesome!

Dv8: Gods and Monsters #4

“Calm Like a Bomb” (No Spoilers)

Ok, now we’re back on track with this issue! The series had slowed down a little bit, especially last issue, but now we’ve got an issue centered on Threshold. Did anyone really think we’d get a slow issue dealing with Threshold? I think not!

Since he first appeared in the original Gen 13 mini-series Threshold has always been a very interesting character to me. He’s psychotic but he’s well justified in being this way I think. He saw his parents murdered in front of him when he was just a kid. He was raised by Project Genesis to be a killer. And he had Ivana Baiul as a lover once upon a time, something I think would drive anyone crazy. He’s also a very angry character which means he could snap at any moment and believe me, snap he does.

X-files/30 Days of Night #1

(No Spoilers)
X-files and 30 Days of Night. When I first heard of this crossover it made me think, ‘why not?’ Why hadn’t this been done before? Well, I guess it was a matter of timing. X-files ended its run in May 2002 and the first 30 Days of Night mini-series came out later that year. X-files had lost a lot of steams towards the end so I guess doing a crossover with it at the time didn’t make much sense. But with the 2008 movie “X-files: I Want to Believe” and the comic series Wildstorm published that same year, X-files has had some exposure once again.